Audioengine Releases AW2 Wireless Adapter

After the AW1, Audioengine has released a newer and cooler wireless adapter, called the AW2, specifically made for the iPod.

Wires are going down, and 'the innovative work of select companies like Audioengine are doing their bit in eradicating their knotted existence.

After the AW1, Audioengine seems to have repackaged their wireless adapter into a newer and cooler form factor, called the AW2. It was developed by Audioengine and is actually a wireless adapter measuring 100 x 30 x 10 mm, which allows you to easily plug it into the iPod, while the receiver goes into your stereo audio source. After this, you may start using the iPod as a wireless remote control without the need to install special software or press key buttons.

Audioengine Releases AW2 Wireless Adapter

Audioengine’s AW2 works based on digital PCM encoded stream that is sent via Wifi over a closed network, said to be effective around a range of 30 feet.

More gritty details include less than 20ms latency, 20Hz-22KHz +/-1.5db frequency response, 830mV output voltage and 65db channel separation.

You can get the AW2 designed for the iPod at a price of $169 from select retailers or from the company’s official website.