ASUS Fires Up The GTX 580

Gamers rejoice.

Hot on the heels of Nvidia announcing the GTX 580 a few days ago, graphics card Maker ASUS today announced its version of the GTX 580.

ASUS Fires Up The GTX 580
Time for PC gamers to get on their high horse

The ASUS ENGTX580 is factory over-clocked to 782MHz. It is also enhanced with exclusive ASUS Voltage Tweak technology through which the GPU performance can be tweaked up to 50% faster than the reference design.

The GTX580 has the required horsepower needed to drive full HD 3D Vision. It is a true DirectX 11 card, enabling full usage of advanced tessellation and Nvidia CUDA parallel computing for unbelievable detail in PC games and other graphics applications.

The ASUS ENGTX580/2DI/1536MD5 graphics card will distributed nationwide by Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd and will retail for Rs 30,250 (excluding taxes) and will offer 3 years' limited local warranty.