Assassin's Creed Brotherhood DLC This March

Ezio returns in the form of new SP Assassin's Creed Brotherhood DLC.

Ubisoft has been supporting Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood with free multiplayer DLC periodically but if versus play is not your thing, those packs are pretty useless for you. However, this March Ubisoft will shower players will some single player love as well in the form of "The Da Vinci Disappearance" that should be available for the Xbox360 and PS3 this March.


Assassin's Creed Brotherhood DLC This March

Horsing around


The Da Vinci Disappearance will include both single-player and multiplayer content for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. After the fall of the Borgias in Rome, Leonardo Da Vinci is kidnapped by the Hermeticists, an underground cult dedicated to transforming mankind. Ezio will embark on a relentless quest to recover stolen paintings in order to find Leo before it is too late, discovering two new locations and two new gameplay features along the way.


But there’s something for MP buffs as well. You have a new map, four new characters and two new game modes.

The two new gameplay modes, Escort and Assassinate, will provide a whole new gameplay experience for Brotherhood players.  In Escort mode, two teams of four players compete in this team-based mode where each team must protect their VIP target or assassinate the other team’s VIP. In Assassinate mode, six to eight players are pitted against each other deathmatch style in one ten minute round.  

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