Apple's rejection of Happy PlayTime app for female masturbation is hypocritical

Apple's rejection of the app on the grounds that it is too pornographic has raised eyebrows about the double-standards of this policy implementation when it comes to pornographic apps.

Apple has rejected an app on female masturbation on the grounds that it violated the App Store policy, as a report pointed out earlier this week. And before you think this was one of those 3D stimulated sex app with hot babes, hold on. The app which was titled HappyPlayTime is a sex-education app currently in development that teaches women how to masturbate.


It even had a cute character called 'Happy' which is well a vulva and aims to help women get to orgasms, on either own.


But Apple wasn't standing for any of it and the app was rejected from iTunes on 13 May.  According to the latest update from HappyPlayTime blog, the appeal against the rejection was also turned down. Apple wrote back saying, "We found that your app contains content that many audiences would find objectionable." It added that while they understood the idea behind the app, (meaning that it was educational) they felt that the "erotic and mature themes are not appropriate for the App store."


Gong had also got an earlier email from Apple explaining why the app was rejected. "Apps that present excessively objectionable or crude content will be rejected. Apps containing pornographic material, defined by the Webster's Dictionary as "explicit descriptions or display of sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings", will be rejected."  Gong and her team are now turning it into a web-based game.


Apple's rejection of the app on the grounds that it is too pornographic has raised eyebrows about the double-standards of this policy implementation when it comes to pornographic apps.


Apps such as Rack Stare, Bra-Scanner, Hot Sex Game, Sex Master, Nice Body, Boobs are awesome, Babe Magnet are all available on the App Store. Even if they don't offer what the title claims, the idea behind the apps is one thing only: sell sex with a spiced-up title which will get guys or girls to click.


There are also several apps that deal with explaining sexual positions such as 400+ A Sex Positions, Sex Game (which basically is a game that helps couples or people imagine fanciful sex scenarios), 69 Sex Positions ( which carries body positions for sex acts with illustrations mind you). So there are apps that explicitly describe what would perhaps qualify as 'pornographic,' and will surely raise some erotic feelings rather simply emotional ones.


More so some of the "sex apps" are  downright sexist. 'Bra-scanner' for instance is 'fun game that helps you use 'fingerprint,' to guess what colour bra your friend is wearing.  Of course, it doesn't actually do that as the app itself says and is meant for 'fun', but we're sure that trying to guess a girl's bra falls squarely in the "stimulate erotic" feelings category.


And there's a Panty scanner app too, which surely deserves the same crude label, if one were to go by Apple's policy.


The cherry on the cake is Rack Stare, which is basically a game that allows you to stare at the chest of some female characters in the game. You win if you can look for really long without getting caught by her. Of course the game is not explicitly showing sexual positions, but the idea itself is crude and objectionable. It can't be dismissed as one of those games for teen boys, since the character used in the game to stare at women's breasts is a full grown man in a suit.


When it comes to apps that would be considered objectionable and pornographic, there are plenty. Some try teach people about sex, others make a game of staring down women's breasts or scanning underwear.  Some use crude naked female silhouettes as their app picture to ensure clicks. Sex is thriving on the App Store in various forms.


Which is why Apple's rejection of the Happy Play Time app smacks of hypocrisy. As Tina Gong wrote on the HappyPlayTime blog, "At the heart of our mission is the desire to see more women be vocal about their sexuality — in particular, about masturbation. "We’re often told that this subject is a touchy one, and from experience, we know that sometimes speaking out loud about it can certainly raise some eyebrows."


For Apple the idea behind the app was not good enough. That female masturbation shouldn't be a shameful thing. Instead, they chose to point out that audiences might find this objectionable, conveniently forgetting rack staring is just as objectionable.

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