Apple to fix bug which causes a malicious link to freeze the Messages app on iOS and MacOS devices

Apple's iOS 11 has been seen by a majority of Apple users as one of the buggiest OS releases in the company's history. The latest issue that has surfaced is a link that exploits a bug in iOS and Mac OS devices, causing the Messages app to freeze and later become unusable.

iOS 11 on iPad and iPhone. Apple

iOS 11 on iPad and iPhone. Apple

Apple who acknowledged the bug has confirmed that a fix will be out by the coming week. It is not confirmed yet but Apple is likely referring to the stable release of iOS 11.2.5, which is nearing the end of its beta testing stage.

As per a report by MacRumors, the mentioned link was first shared on Twitter, linking to a page on GitHub. The report stated that if the link is sent to a user on the Messages app, it will force the Messages app to break and causes problems on both iOS and Mac OS running devices.

Image: MacRumours

Image: MacRumors

An investigation by the publishers confirmed that a preview of the link which appears in the Messages app causes the app to misbehave while opening the link gets the app to freeze completely. GitHub has reportedly taken the link down, in a move to limit the spread of the link, but in case users happen to be affected by the link, it could be a safe bet to completely delete the conversation.

A final release of iOS 11.2.5 is expected to be released by Apple by next week alongside macOS High Sierra 10.13.3, watchOS 4.2.2, and tvOS 11.2.5.

Updated Date: Jan 19, 2018 19:20 PM