Apple to bring another 3D sensor on the rear side of the 2019 iPhone: Report

Apple is planning to bring a 3D sensor to the rear side of the next iPhone to be launched in 2019. The 3D sensor is expected to allow for more advanced augmented reality (AR) experiences on future devices.

iPhone X comes with a Face ID feature.

iPhone X comes with a Face ID feature.

Currently, the 3D sensor (TrueDepth camera) is placed on the front of the device and is used to unlock the iPhone through facial recognition. The 3D sensor projects 30,000 laser dots on the user's face and takes a measurement that helps it maps the face. An authenticated face can then be used to unlock the device.

According to a report on Bloomberg, the company is going to use a ‘time-of-flight’ method in the 2019 iPhone. This technology measures the time taken by the light to bounce back from the object and then creates a 3D map by using that dimension. For example, light falling on the crest of an object will take less time to return than light falling on the bottom part of the object.

Bloomberg believes that Apple is not going to replace the front sensor. According to the report, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that Apple might not bring the technology in the final version of the device, as it's still under testing.

The ‘time-of-flight’ technology is manufactured by various companies including Infineon Technologies AG, Sony Corp., STMicroelectronics NV and Panasonic Corp. and Apple is said to be in talks with the suppliers to bring the technology to the iPhone 2019.

Updated Date: Nov 15, 2017 08:46 AM