Apple to offer in-house screen replacements for iPhone 5s

Apple iPhone 5s owners will soon be able to get damaged displays repaired through Apple Stores instead of sending it to a third-party repair centre.


As per 9to5Mac, Apple has begun shipping iPhone 5s screen replacements in its official US and Canada retail stores and in-store repairs are set to begin on August 4.


One of the crucial aspects about repairing any gadget is obtaining the right equipment for the job. Being able to source them from the original manufacturer (in this case, Apple) can help address this and users can obtain reliable replacements at cheaper prices. If the user’s 5c or 5s is under AppleCare warranty, the part replacement costs will be waived. If the iPhone is not under warranty, there will be fees incurred for individual part replacements.


Apple had officially rolled out iPhone 5c screen repairs in late 2013, which cost less than replacing iPhone 5s screens. Apple had given its stores special machinery to replace the touchscreens of both the devices, designed specifically to calibrate the displays. The Apple stores will also be able replace the volume buttons, vibrating motor, rear camera and speaker system of the new devices. While the store will be able to replace the traditional Home button in the 5c, the Touch ID-based button of the 5s was not part of the offering.


With the ability to replace iPhone 5, 5c, and 5s screens, Apple can significantly cut down on repair costs and wait times. According to AppleInsider, Apple can save nearly $ 1 billion per year with in-house repairs.