Apple Revises In-App Subscription Model

The new model offers more leeway to the publishers.

Apple had introduced In-App subscriptions across its platform in February, this year. The In-App subscription model basically meant that every app offered by any service would come under the policy of subscription. At the time of its inception, Apple had laid down a set of guidelines pertaining to its In-App Subscriptions.

Apple Revises In-App Subscription Model




Apple stated that the companies offering subscriptions within the app were allowed to do so outside it, as well; only that the rates at which they offer the app for outside should be the same as the rate at which they offer the app inside. Also, Apple wished to keep with itself 30 per cent of any content that was offered via the In-App Subscription process if the subscriber was introduced to the App by Apple. If the publisher himself brought the subscriber, either new or an existing one to the app, then Apple would have no claim to any share, whatsoever.

At the time of publicizing this news, it was clear that the new model will garner a lot of opinions, both good and bad. The opinions, either ways were strong enough to have made Apple put its head together to devise a change to this model. Today, Apple has announced a revision to the In-App Subscription model that it had introduced in February, this year. According to the revised model, Apple will still stand to gain 30 per cent of any content that is being offered within its app. However, unlike earlier, wherein the publishers were forced to offer the subscription within an app, if they offered one outside; the publishers have now been given leeway in the same.

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