Apple reportedly fires employee after his daughter posted a hands-on video of the iPhone X online

Apple has reportedly fired one of its employees after his daughter's hands-on video of the iPhone X went viral on YouTube. The daughter, who visited the Apple campus with her father previous week, published a vlog on the iPhone X which was not released at the time.



According to a report by The Verge, the vlog was first picked up by 9t05Mac and then later spread to YouTube. Brooke Amelia Peterson, the employee's daughter, explained in a follow-up video that her father had violated Apple's company rule after he had allowed her to film the iPhone X at the Apple campus.

Filming and photography are prohibited on the Apple campus as pointed out by the report, so filming an unreleased phone on the campus was definitely a big no-no. According to the report, Apple had asked Brooke to remove the video but by that time it was too late as the video had already spread to many other parts of the internet.

The Verge reports that the hands-on video showed off special employee-only QR codes and a notes app which reportedly included the codenames of Apple's unreleased products. This is not the first time where a large company has fired their employees for accidentally leaking out details for an unreleased product. A similar incident was reported where Microsoft fired its employee after his son posted pictures of the Xbox 360 before its official release.

Updated Date: Oct 31, 2017 18:34 PM