Apple received one request for app takedowns, 49 requests for user data from India

Apple says that worldwide government agencies filed a total of 29,183 requests for information.

Apple's latest Transparency Report is out and it now comes with a new section which reveals statistics on government requests on app takedowns. Reportedly, China and Russia were responsible for the vast majority of App Store takedown requests in 2018.

The report covers the second half of 2018, and lists government requests for takedowns over alleged legal violations with a total of 80 requests covering 770 apps.

Of this total of 80, China apparently sent in 56 requests naming 626 apps to be pulled. Apple says it complied with 54 of these requests without challenge, and pulled down a total of 517 apps. According to Apple, a "vast majority" of apps removed in China violated gambling or pornography laws.

Apple received one request for app takedowns, 49 requests for user data from India

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, waves to attendees during an Apple special event. Image: Reuters

Russia, on the other hand, made 10 requests, and Apple complied with all of them without challenge, pulling 10 apps.

The Indian government sent only one request, and Apple complied with it without challenge. Interestingly though, India's request report shows that the numbers of customer data request sent by India has actually increased. India sent 49 requests for device-related customer data, 28 for request with financial identifiers, 18 for account related details, and eight emergency data request.

Data: Apple

Data: Apple

Of the total requests submitted, Apple says it complied with 53 percent requests for data related to devices, 73 percent requests with specific financial identifiers, 69 percent account related details and 82 percent of requests that were sent in labelled as emergencies.

As for the global report of data demands, Apple says that worldwide government agencies filed 29,183 requests for information relating to 213,737 devices in the second half of 2018. That figure compares to 32,342 requests impacting 163,823 devices during the prior six months. China accounted for a bulk of the increase, filing requests targeting 137,595 devices.

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