Apple plans to release a patch in a week to fix the autocorrect issue in iOS 11

iOS 11 was launched during the launch of a tenth-anniversary edition of iPhone. Dubbed iPhone X, Apple’s flagship phone was launched with iOS 11, whose beta version was made public in June.

With the new iOS 11 update, some users are unable to type the letter ‘I’. Acknowledging the problem Apple is planning to launch a patch in a week in the upcoming iOS beta and public releases.

Apple plans to release a patch in a week to fix the autocorrect issue in iOS 11

Apple's iOS 11 on an iPhone X, iPad Pro and an iPhone 8

According to Ars Technica, the Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple will soon come with a fix regarding the problem. Apple has said that the bug is related to iOS 11 however, WSJ had reportedly found the same problem happening with iOS 11.0.3.

Twitter was flooded by iOS 11 users trolling Apple in response to the bug. One common problem that people faced was that on pressing the letter “I”, the autocorrect option showed a question mark in a box or the letter “a”.

However, Apple did provide a temporary fix to the problem. It said that the problem can be fixed by going into Settings>General>Keyboard>Text Replacement. Here the text can be added as letter “I”, whereas in the lower phase the letter “i” can be added.

Apple launched the iOS 11 alongside the launch of its tenth-anniversary edition of iPhone, the Apple iPhone X. The company released the beta version of iOS 11 in June for users to test for any bugs or problems. When iOS 11 was launched it came with an ARKit for augmented reality along with animojis and new wallpapers.

As previously reported, about 55 percent of Apple supporting devices were updated to the latest version of iOS 11. However, data suggests that installation of iOS 11 has been slower than iOS 10.

This comes days after a recent report hinted that Apple is working on iOS 11.2 beta update. This would provide app developers with the option of creating new pricing scheme for the users of their subscription apps. In this case, the pricing would help the developers to make profits in this space. However, the new pricing schemes would only be available for the new subscribers.

Apple's method of generating revenue from these developers is essentially taking thirty percent cut followed by a fifteen percent cut in the subsequent year.

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