Apple iPhone X spotted weeks ahead of official launch; reveals new dynamic wallpaper

Weeks from launch, an individual claims to have already got his hands on the iPhone X. The individual posted a 10-second clip on Reddit showing the device.

Apple is expected to officially launch its 2017 flagship, the iPhone X on 3 November. While the world awaits the launch, one individual claims to have already got his hands on the device. The individual posted a 10-second video clip on Reddit showing off the device.

Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X

While the authenticity of the smartphone is questionable, MacRumors who spotted the video on Reddit, state in a report that the video was uploaded from the San Jose area in California. This does bring in the possibility of the uploader knowing an Apple employee who has an early access to the device. The video also reveals the AT&T (a US carrier) logo on the top left corner of the screen, further suggesting that the video was very likely uploaded from the US.

The report also throws light on the fact that the uploader of the video was not the owner of the iPhone X in the video. This is since Apple's Face ID fails to recognise the uploaders face when he flip the device around to reveal the display. The back of the phone seen in the video also reveals the vertically positioned dual-camera followed by the Apple logo and iPhone branding below.

Another iPhone X in the wild from apple

Reacting to the report by MacRumors and the Reddit video, a user also took to the comments section sharing a screen grab left by what the user claims to be an anonymous tipster. The screen grab reveals a set of seven new dynamic wallpapers which is claimed to be launched exclusively with the iPhone X. The user 'timmyh' also points out how a certain red wallpaper in the screen grab matches the one spotted in the video.

The uploader of the video has yet to reveal any information following the upload, leaving little to no scope of verifying how he got his hands on the device, weeks ahead of the official launch.


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