Apple iPhone 8 event: Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K announced

Cupertino based tech giants, Apple will go live with the launch event of their latest edition of the iPhone at 10 pm IST from the Steve Jobs Theatre, US.

Cupertino based tech giant, Apple will go live with the launch event of its latest edition of the iPhone at 10 pm IST from the Steve Jobs Threatre in Cupertino. The venue named after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs will be used for the first time, giving viewers a glimpse into this much talked about venue. This year also happens to be the 10th year since the first Apple iPhone was announced back in 2007. On this occassion, Apple is expected to launch a special tenth year anniversary edition of the iPhone, rumoured to be called the iPhone X.

The Apple event poster. Apple.

The Apple event poster. Apple.

The 'Special' event can be viewed on the Safari browser by users running OS X 10.8.5 and above as well as iOS 7 and above. Apple TV set-top box users get a dedicated channel for the stream, while Windows 10 users can watch the event on the Microsoft Edge browser. Others can follow our live blog here or our Twitter handle for the latest updates.

The event is expected to see the launch of three variants of the iPhone — the celebratory edition touted as the iPhone X, along with iterative updates to the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus in the form of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus.

The event is also expected to see Apple come with updates to the Apple Watch and Apple TV as well.


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  • 00:26 (IST)

    Tim Cook ending the session with a Steve Jobs quote. Giving a round of applause to Apple employees as he brings the session to a close. 

  • 00:24 (IST)

    And that's a wrap from the Apple iPhone event. 

    Thanks for sticking around!

  • 00:22 (IST)

    Tim Cook wrapping up the highlights of the day --

    Apple Watch Series 3

    Apple TV 4K

    Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

    Apple iPhone X!

  • 00:22 (IST)

    Apple iPhone X starting at $999

    Pre-order: October 27, Shipping: November 3

  • 00:15 (IST)

  • 00:14 (IST)

    AirPower will work with Qi Charging standard. To come out next year. 

  • 00:14 (IST)

    AirPower: Wireless Charging mat which will help charge the iPhone, the Watch and the AirPods earphones

  • 00:12 (IST)

  • 00:11 (IST)

    Apple iPhone X to have a selfie camera which will support Portrait mode as well. It also supports portrait lighting with the TrueDepth camera. 

    Apple A11 Bionic chip powers the iPhone X. 

  • 00:10 (IST)

    Frederighi and Cook just demoed an interaction using just Animojis

  • 00:10 (IST)

    Animojis in the Messages app automatically activate the TrueDepth camera, and it tracks your face to animate the emojis. 

    The responsiveness of this feature is quite fast. This could be a fun aspect to try out with kids. 

    You can also record the Animojis with your voice. 

  • 00:09 (IST)

  • 00:09 (IST)

    Apple iPhone X cameras

    Dual 12 MP cameras, larger and faster sensors, f/1.8 on wide and f/2.4 on telephoto lens. 

    Dual OIS for the dual cameras

    Quad LED two-tone flash

  • 00:06 (IST)

    ARKit will enable face tracking. 

    Snapchat being demoed with the TrueDepth camera which uses the 3D face mapping. 

  • 00:04 (IST)

    Frederighi demoing the major features of the iPhone X

    Swipe up and stop to enter multi-tasking. Swipe along the bottom to go back to previous apps. Swipe from the top edge to the bottom will get you into Control centre

  • 00:04 (IST)

    Hair Force One Craig Frederighi on stage to give a demo of the iPhone X

  • 00:02 (IST)

  • 00:01 (IST)

    Apple iPhone X 

    Animoji - Animated Emojis to come with the iPhone X. Animojis track facial muscle movement. 

    Apple Messages can be used to share Animojis

  • 00:00 (IST)

    "Face ID helps you set up your face using 3D mapping. Face ID learns who you are and adapts to you as your facial features change" says Schiller. 

    "Face ID cannot be spoofed by photographs. Apple even tested the Face ID with facial masks,"

  • 23:59 (IST)

    Face ID will also work with Apple Pay. Face ID will also work with third-party apps, which worked with Apple fingerprint sensor. 

  • 23:59 (IST)

    A11 Bionic will come with a Neural engine to process face recognition. 

    The neural engine will have a dual core design, can perform 600bn operations per second

  • 23:55 (IST)

    Appel iPhone X

    Swipe up from the bottom to go to the Home Page from any app. 

    Multi-tasking - swipe to the bottom, hold it for a while to get into multi-tasking mode

    Press the side button to speak to Siri. 

  • 23:55 (IST)

    Apple iPhone X

    Schiller discusses unlocking the phone. Facial recognition will be used to unlock the phone - Face ID.

    Face ID uses TrueDepth camera system on the top of the iPhone X display. 

    Comes with an IR camera, dot projector project 30,000 IR dots, IR dots create a mathematical model of your face. 

  • 23:52 (IST)

  • 23:51 (IST)

    Apple iPhone X

    Super Retina Display supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, 3D Touch support, True Tone display.

    Raise to wake or tap on the screen to wake up. Home button will not be present on the iPhone X

  • 23:51 (IST)

  • 23:50 (IST)

    Apple iPhone X

    Edge to edge display. Glass on both the front and back, using the same formula as iPhone 8. Stainless steel edges

    Water and dust resistant.

    Space gray and Silver. 

    It comes with a Super Retina Display - 5.8-inches, 2436 x 1125 pixels resolution. 458ppi (highest pixel density on an iPhone). OLED panel

  • 23:50 (IST)

    The iPhone X it is! and it looks similar to the renders we had seen all this while

  • 23:50 (IST)

    "The future of the Smartphone" says Cook. 

    "10 years later it is only fitting, that we are here in this place and this day to reveal a product that will set the path of technology for the next decade," says Cook before the promotional teaser

  • 23:48 (IST)

    Apple iPhone X

    "Biggest leap forward since the original iPhone," says Cook

  • 23:46 (IST)

    Tim Cook is back on stage for 'One More Thing'

  • 23:46 (IST)

    Apple iPhone 8  starting from $699. iPhone 8 Plus to start from $799. Capacities: 64 GB and 256 GB

    Pre-order from 15 September. Available from 22 September

  • 23:45 (IST)

    LTE advanced supported, Airpods, Beats Studio 3 supported as well. 

    Wireless Charging supported on the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus. 

  • 23:44 (IST)

    Schiller enlisting the various use cases for wireless charging.Wireless Charging will support Qi open wireless charging standards. 

    Apple has partnered with hotels, car companies, smart home companies and more to support iPhone 8 / 8 Plus wireless charging

  • 23:44 (IST)

  • 23:43 (IST)

    Entire levels of games can be rendered on screen using ARKit. AR allows you to use your position in the real world to play the game. Spatial audio will also be a feature built in with the Metal 2 game. 

  • 23:43 (IST)

  • 23:40 (IST)

  • 23:40 (IST)

    Cameras are calibrated for AR. AR benefits with A11 Bionic chip. CPU handles world tracking, GPU handles graphics. 

  • 23:39 (IST)

    Directive Games, a startup from Shanghai, to demo Augmented Reality feature of Apple iPhone 8 cameras. 

  • 23:39 (IST)

    Apple has also designed the video encoder for video shooting. iPhone 8 divides each frame into individual tiles to get details on texture to optimise it. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus to support 4K 60fps, 1080p 240fps - double the frame rate of the previous iPhone. 

    Augmented Reality will also be a feature on the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

  • 23:38 (IST)

  • 23:37 (IST)

    Dual cameras create a depth map, separate the subject and then changes the lighting on your face - as you are composing photos in the portait mode. New menu to select the lighting effect in the portrait mode. Photos app getting some makeover in the portrait department

  • 23:35 (IST)

    The Apple iPhone 8 / 8 Plus photos being demoed and they look impressive, specially the low light samples and portrait mode photos. 

  • 23:34 (IST)

    Apple iPhone 8 Plus

    12 MP dual cameras, f/1.8 for wide and f/2.8 for telephoto camera

  • 23:34 (IST)

    Apple has also design the ISP on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. 

    12MP camera, all new sensor, deeper pixels, supports OIS. 

  • 23:33 (IST)

  • 23:31 (IST)

    Apple iPhone 8 / 8 Plus to come with True tone technology, stereo speakers to come with deeper base than iPhone 7/7 Plus

  • 23:31 (IST)

    Apple iPhone 8: 

    Phil Schiller on stage to talk about iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. 

    Glass front and back. It comes in silver, space gray and a new gold finish. 

    Made from aerospace grade alumium alloy. 7-laywer colour process. Apple claims it's the most durable smartphone ever. 

    Microscopically sealed for water and dust resistance. 

    4.7-inch Retina display on iPhone 8 and 5.5-inch display on iPhone 8 Plus

  • 23:30 (IST)

    Apple iPhone 8 / 8 Plus to house the Apple A11 Bionic chip. 

    64-bit design, 4.3bn transistors. 

    2 high performance cores, and 4 high efficiency cores.

    All six cores can be used at once to improve performance in multi-threaded task

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