Apple iPad mini hit by production snags

Though many are eagerly awaiting this smaller 7.85-inch tablet, it has run into problems at the production line.

The iPad mini's existence has not been verified yet by the Apple. Rumours pertaining to it point to the mini tablet being unveiled in this quarter. Though many are eagerly awaiting this smaller 7.85-inch tablet, it has run into problems at the production line, a report by Business Insider states.

According to the report, Topeka Capital analyst, Brian White, says, “iPad Mini" is No Walk in the Park for Suppliers and We Expect 5-7 Million Units. Similar to the iPhone 5, we sensed that suppliers have found the specs around Apple's 7.85-inch "iPad Mini" to be a challenge and yields have been frustrating. In our view, this is the reason the "iPad Mini" is 4-6 weeks behind our original launch expectation that we discussed in June.”

Good things come in small packages

Analysts still positive about its success


Though this may be the case, the analyst is still optimistic about it and states that the supply chain is of the impression that they will be able to meet the anticipated launch numbers required over the next month.

The analyst shares, “We believe that supply constraints will initially hold back the full sales potential during the first month or so of the launch.”

Moving on to the price of the device, White reveals that the tablet will be available in the market for between $250 and $300. He states that this was the initial expectation a year ago, and the price range is reasonable. He believes that if Apple does sell it at this price point, then the brand can sell between 5 million and 7 million units of the iPad mini in the December quarter.

The analyst concludes, “Despite the lower price point, we expect Apple to maintain the iconic aesthetics of the current iPad and blow away what competitors are offering in this smaller form-factor tablet market.”

It was recently reported that Apple will send invites for an iPad mini media event on October 10, and may host the event for the product a week later. Production of the 7.85-inch tablet is already underway in the brand’s Brazilian factory.

According to a related report by CNET, “No other details on parts of physical form factor or offered, short of that the same source says the unit is missing a microphone on its backside, a rumored design cue currently found in Apple's iPhone 5. Apple has been rumored to be splitting up production of a smaller iPad between two manufacturers, Foxconn and Pegatron. Foxconn began assembling iPhones in the industrial town of Jundiai earlier this year. The factories there are considerably smaller than Foxconn's Chinese operations, and initially worked on notebooks, monitors and other electronics for competing technology companies.”

With production being underway, we can expect this diminutive tablet to be launched by early November, if Apple does held an event on October 17.

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