Apple deploys drones to collect data and beat Google Maps

It's been over four years, and Apple is now planning to deploy drones to beat Google when it comes to Maps.

Unlike most of its other products, Apple had an infamous launch of its Maps, marred by faulty software that irked users, and it probably helped elevate the popularity of the Google Maps even further. It has been over four years, and Apple is now planning to deploy drones to beat Google when it comes to Maps.

So, Apple plans to use drones along with some new indoor features to help improve its Maps service, Bloomberg reports, citing people familiar with the matter. Apple has also acquired a startup for interior mapping project. Needless to say, Google has been working on indoor mapping for sometime now.

Now, Apple is said to be assembling a team that will build drones along with data collection experts.The drones will update the map information faster than the current fleet minivans that do so using cameras and sensors. Interestingly, Apple is also working on new features such as better car navigation and improved indoor navigation too.

Apple launched its mapping app while Google Maps was available for iOS users. The Maps weren't efficient, and in fact, quite erroneous. Some flaws of the Maps app were outright dangerous. For instance, an Airfield, a 35-acre estate with working farm and café in centre of his constituency in Dundrum, Ireland, has been labelled as an actual airfield, which could be very dangerous for pilots. The Maps showed so much erroneous data that users went ahead and created a Tumblr blog sarcastically named The Amazing iOS 6 Maps on which many had posted screenshots of the errors.

Today, Maps make an important tool to assist in our digital lives. It is important for companies like Google and Apple  to attract developers to build services such as ride-sharing, retail apps and so on. And, with this move, Apple wants to ensure it beats Google at the game.

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