Apple deliberately disabled the 3D Touch task switching gesture in iOS 11, to restore it later

Apple’s iOS 11 update for Apple devices brought with a refreshing new, OLED-friendly design and several new features and gestures. On iPad, the experience is completely transformed.

Apple's iOS 11 on an iPhone X, iPad Pro and an iPhone 8

Apple's iOS 11 on an iPhone X, iPad Pro and an iPhone 8

While the additions are nice, the update also killed off one rather useful gesture on iOS 10, the 3D Touch multitasking gesture. On iOS 10, you could simply 3D Touch the left edge of your phone, swipe in and lift to enter multi-tasking. Using 3D Touch and swiping in would switch to the previous app. For some users, especially those not using thick covers, this was quite useful.

Without the gesture, the only option now is to double tap the home button on the iPhone.

Apple never explained why they removed the gesture. MacRumours, curious about the removal of the feature, sent an email to Apple and Craig Federighi replied. According to Federighi, the feature was dropped due to a “technical constraint” and it will be coming back in a future update.

We’re not sure what that technical constraint is and why it wasn’t an issue before. We can speculate, of course, that the iPhone X, which also runs iOS 11, has some issues with 3D Touch gestures at the edges of the screen. Since the X uses an entirely new gesture for switching tasks, iPhone X users are anyway unlikely to be much affected by the change.

Updated Date: Sep 23, 2017 16:24 PM