Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak believes that Elon Musk's Tesla is surrounded by 'way too much hype'

Wozniak owns a Tesla Model S himself and claims that he never misses out on any of the software updates but he is not always impressed.

Elon Musk's products and ideas have no doubt been at the centre of media attention and scrutiny. In the past several years, Musk has been in the news for various reasons ranging from colonization of Mars to his insights on how AI could be the end of humanity to digging tunnels under megacities for making transportation easier and the list goes on and on.

 Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak believes that Elon Musks Tesla is surrounded by way too much hype

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak gestures during an event. Reuters

Elon Musk has been invested in his electric car venture Tesla for quite some time now and made it a point to put heavy emphasis on the autonomous nature of its cars. One tech guru who has not been impressed with Musk's claims and Tesla's self-driving capabilities is Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak.

In an exclusive interview with CNBC in Las Vegas on 22 October, Wozniac claimed that there was "way too much hype" as far as Tesla is concerned. He also said that " If Tesla says something is going to happen, don't quite count on it." According to him, Musk's claim of Tesla's self-driving capabilities is "overblown" which leads the driver of the car to place a dangerous amount of trust on its autopilot mode.

Wozniak went on to add, "Tesla has put in people's mind that they have cars that will just drive themselves totally, and it is so far from the truth, so they have deceived us."

Wozniak owns a Tesla Model S himself and claims that he never misses out on any of the software updates but he is not always impressed. "Driving my Tesla, over and over and over there are unusual situations on any road anywhere and every single human being alive — dumb or smart — would be able to get through it and the Tesla can't," the Apple co-founder says in the interview.

Tesla has ofcourse come under fire for its autopilot system after one of its Model S crashed into a stationary van while allegedly being on the autopilot mode back in May 2016. According to Wozniak" Tesla is behind companies like Volvo and Audi" in terms of self-driving capabilities.

However, Steve was impressed by Tesla in some aspects. "Tesla has done something that is so important to me. I mean transitioning from gas-driven cars to electric cars for a future, it is part of our cleanliness formula" claims Steve Wozniak in the interview.


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