Apple and Timex Launch iControl Watch

Timex and Apple have designed the Ironman iControl watch to sync with your iPod.

Apple and one of the world’s leading watch manufacturer, Timex have joined forces to create a watch designed specifically for the iPod. The latest, in their already popular Ironman series, is Timex’s iControl.

This watch, which will retain all the features that any other Ironman sports watch come equipped with, now also has controls for your iPod as well. That’s not all. In fact it’s also compatible with the ever-lovin iPhone, but only when it’s in airplane mode. The iControl will wirelessly sync to the iPod or iPhone and so you will be able to control your music (Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down, Track Forward/Back) from there. It’s also water resistant (100 meters) of course like any other in the same series.

Apple and Timex Launch iControl Watch

"The days of fumbling for your iPod in mid-stride are over,” said Heberto Calves, Vice President of Sports Marketing. “iControl offers cutting edge technology and contemporary design, in addition to the functional quality and durability people have come to expect from Timex.”

The iControl is available in a wide range of colors - gray and black, as well as pink, blue, orange and green. The cost of this watch is Rs. 5,049 ($125).

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