App Weekly: Track your mental well being with the help of apps such as Reflectify or play Dodge Blast, an arcade shooter

Here is a list of some games and apps that you can check out over the weekend and relax. There are plenty of options ranging from Shapes to Dodge Blast.

This bunch of cool apps includes a smarter way to maintain your email, several casual games, and even a way to keep track of your well-being. Read on to find out the games and apps that are worth exploring this week. Relax with Shapes or infuriate yourself with Dodge Blast while Astro Mail quietly makes your life more organised, one email at a time.

Dodge Fighter. Google Play Store

Dodge Blast. Google Play Store

1. Astro Mail

Tired of Gmail sorting all your important mail under the Trash label while your inbox is filled with useless promotions? Astro is an app that claims to organise your inbox as per your convenience using machine learning. It is easy to set up and takes some time to sync up with your inbox the first time. The interface is beautiful and makes your overflowing inbox look more approachable. The filtering system works well but Astro Mail sorts them into just two categories; priority and others. You can choose what happens when you swipe and even link the app to Amazon Echo. You can also write emails and schedule them to be sent later and set reminders for important replies. Try out Astro Mail, especially if a lot of your work is done over email. You can also add your other email accounts to Astro and consolidate all your important emails in one place.

2. Red

Red is the sequel to Yellow, a unique puzzle game by Bart Bonte. The goal in each of the engaging levels is to make the entire screen turn red. The puzzles are different in each level and the game leads you up from intuitive levels to more difficult ones without a tutorial of any kind. If you get stuck, you can unlock a hint after watching an ad but you might prefer to puzzle out the answer yourself. The slick soundtrack gives this game a more stylish bent than its predecessor and the minimalist design allows you to focus only on the puzzle. Even if you have played Yellow, Red will surprise you. Expect to be addicted to this game until you finish it.

3. Reflectly


Reflectly is an app that helps you keep track of your mental well-being. You can log in every day and mark how your day went on several measures. The app is not meant for long-form journaling and you would be better off sticking to apps like Diaro for it. However, if you just want to keep a record of how you are doing and look back at your days captured beautifully, install Reflectly right now. The app picks a photo to be displayed for each day according to what your report on it is like. You can choose the major emotion you felt that day, rate your happiness, and write what you did for most of the day. The intelligent app will ask you questions about the day and give you actionable insights to improve your state of being. Obviously, Reflectly cannot be a substitute for introspection but the questions it asks will help you along that path.

4. Shapes

Shapes is a puzzle game where the objective is to create a closed shape out of the fragments given. The game has a neat, space-age design and transitions between levels smoothly. This is a game that you will pick up and not let go until you have solved at least ten levels in one go. Shapes forces you to reimagine the fragments as complete figures and move the pieces around to bring it to reality. After playing a few levels, you will start seeing the symmetry in the game which will allow you to solve subsequent levels faster. The game resembles Loop in its gameplay is a tad be more complex. Play Shapes and discover a relaxing puzzle game you will love.

5. Dodge Blast

Dodge Fighter. Google Play Store

Dodge Blast. Google Play Store

Dodge Blast is an arcade shooter which looks pretty easy but is really the Satan in disguise. The game is super hard unlike a basic space shooter. There are only two buttons, one to dodge and the other to shoot. Most of the difficulty comes from the fact that the dodge button sends the little spaceship to the opposite direction of the screen, leaving you no option to stop it in the middle. The monsters that appear above you are not very understanding and will chomp their way through you if you don’t find a way to destroy them. Play Dodge Blast if you want to test your reflexes against this monstrous game. The music and graphics will make you feel right at home as you remember similar games you might have played when you were younger. However, the comfort of memory is quickly snatched away when you realise how this game will keep you on your toes(fingertips, rather) till the very end.

6. Sandiego Inc.

Always wanted to be like Sherlock Holmes and use your supernatural powers of deduction? Sandiego is just the game for you. Travel the world as you attempt to solve cases and find stolen objects. The game combines knowledge about world geography with a point and click adventure so you will not even notice when you learn something from it. There is no music and the sound effects could do with some work, but the essential mechanics of the game are sound. You can go to different countries, investigate different places, and uncover clues about your suspect. You can start filling out an arrest warrant Cluedo-style, feature by feature. Play SanDiego for an educational detective game that has a lot to offer.

7. Mind Construct

Mind Construct is a game built around retrieving your amnesiac character’s memory. Through an arcade game which involves collecting some memory fragments and avoiding the enemies, you start recreating memories in the form of text and pictures. Mind Construct is a truly intriguing game because of the storytelling built into an ostensibly casual game. Play Mind Construct to discover your own character’s fate as well as that of the Earth in a beautiful sci-fi world.

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