App Weekly: Get your casual gaming fix for this week

By Anusha Sinha

Each week, we go through thousands of apps on the app store and pick the newest ones for you. Read on to hear our recommendations which include a game about tentacles, one about a puzzle solving rabbit and another one about a mysterious alien.


Tentacles Enter the Mind


Rarely does one come across a game in the Play Store which takes your breath away. In a store where there are thousands of clones for the same game formats, Tentacles Enter the Mind will veritably take your breath away. Tentacles is a game where you delve into the subconscious of a scientist who went mad trying to synthesize cute creatures. Now, his creations have turned into gross versions of their former selves and he must be stopped! You dive into the fray as a sentient neuron of sorts who can move around the nooks and crannies of the doctor’s mind. The environment is gorgeously designed, with chess pieces, rubber duckies and clocks floating amidst gray matter. The high level of detailing means that every frame of the game sustains visual interest. Coming to the game mechanics, they’re probably something that has never been seen in a mobile game. The tentacle/neuron moves like Spiderman across the game level, shooting out arms and swinging towards the goal. It can slither up walls and around them and kill creatures with just one shot. This unique movement allows the level design to be quite different as well. The perspectives shift and objects pop out of nowhere. Tentacles Enter the Mind simply must be played by anyone who isn’t particularly a fan of mobile games to see what can be achieved in this medium with creativity and originality. For people who like mobile games, install away! (It’s free anyway)



DROOM is a charming game about a rabbit and his quest to get to a gateway. What lies beyond the gate? Probably carrots, but only the mysterious rabbit knows for sure. The game has an interesting puzzle element with certain objects that you collect changing the colour of your character. This in turn determines whether or not you’re able to pass through the hallowed gate at the end of your journey. The rabbit is guided in his journey by a host of enigmatic characters, the first two of which are called Sharon and Owen. Remember to always change the language at the opening screen of this game to avoid being swamped in Japanese. Play DROOM because it has some of the appeal of a Monument Valley along with an engaging puzzle concept.

Smash Rings


Smash Rings is a game that has a singular motive and this makes it great for when you don’t want to apply yourself and simply want to fill up a couple of minutes. The title of the game is incredibly accurate as that is all there is to it, smashing rings. There is a tower which passes through coloured rings falling from the heavens. Your objective is to tap them as soon as they correspond to a colour on the tower and smash it. The graphics are good enough to make you return to the game, even when you know that it isn’t particularly nuanced.

Leap On

Leap On is a fast paced action game about avoiding certain destruction. You play as an enthusiastic dot who bounces around a central spike, bumping into objects on the way. The soundtrack and design of the game are polished and that combined with the strong central mechanic makes this an enjoyable game to play. The goal of the dot is to complete the maximum number of rotations around the spike, taking the help of the objects to bounce off farther. There are a lot of powerups which keep the game interesting. Play Leap On to challenge your reflexes!


Tumblestones is a match 3 game where you actually have to think ahead instead of swiping candies away. The game looks hand drawn and features Tumblestones, which stand between an Egyptian queen and her caesar salad (actual storyline of the game, you cannot make this stuff up). The puzzles feature a set of blocks which you have to break down but only in matches of three at a time. This means that you have to think several moves ahead or risk having to restart the level. The art is slightly below average as far as refinement is concerned and the overall feel of the game is like that of earlier flash games. However, the puzzle makes it worth your time.



Retroshifter is a slick game about running through a city. The art is the most striking part of this game, with the city coming alive around you in gorgeous pixels. The controls split into the two halves of the screen, with the right one being used to jump, dive or roll and the left one for selecting the a colour that matches with the colour of the obstacle. The controls take a little time getting used to, but the tutorial is paced and guides you through the process until you get a hang of it. Retroshifter is a must play for its fast action and great design.

Space Tap


Here is a clicker with something you never thought possible in a clicker. A storyline! The first minute of the game is dedicated to a mysterious alien and his tryst with our protagonist, who is an astronaut. The game looks gorgeous and the soundtrack is poignant at the right times. Coming to the clicker part, it pretty much functions like all clickers do. However, the beautiful space background and ambient music make this one more relaxing than others of its kind. While this one does not provide competition to Tap Tap Fish which might be the best clicker ever, it comes close. The journey of Stella, our astronaut, takes her across various celestial bodies in search of answers to what the alien wants from her. Play Space Tap when you want to make drones, meet extraterrestrials and travel across space with just a few clicks!


Updated Date: Aug 06, 2017 14:36 PM