App Weekly Episode 4: Best single-player and multi-player gaming apps for the monsoons

Stuck at home on a rainy day? We got a large selection of single-player and multi-player smartphone gaming apps for you!

By Anusha Sinha

This week, we cover the games that you can play all by yourself and then some local multiplayer ones that you can play with your friends on a rainy monsoon day!


The Trip

This game might help you find Nirvana or just a few minutes of fun, depending on how spiritual you like your mobile gaming experience to get. This is basically a runner(more like a walker at a gentle pace) but it is really pretty because of all the mandalas and patterns that make up the game art. The game has a generally peaceful vibe and you may just calm your mind and become one with your purpose while on a trip through your consciousness. The soundtrack is very soothing and the small puzzles that come up within the game will keep it interesting or you.

Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles started out as ‘Don’t Touch the White Tile’ and reached further levels of greatness in every sequel. The game is a test of your reflexes and might even serve as an introduction to classical music. Piano Tiles 3 has a bigger catalogue than its predecessors and it will be enjoyable to experience every single one. The levels can get insanely hard but the cheery music will keep you going at it. After you complete a song, there is an endless version of the same played much faster. Piano Tiles 3 will definitely make you nimble!

Dancing Line

The concept of this game has been explored earlier but never across so many levels. The game is a runner which syncs to the sublime soundtrack. You start out as a line on an endless quest across picturesque landscapes. The levels vary from farms to meadows to frosty winter scenes. You get only fifteen tries at one go and you will have to wait for the cubes to replenish to play again. The levels also take quite a few tries to complete and you will have to play the same level again and again. The soundtrack is glorious but there’s only so many times you can hear it. Despite this, Dancing Line is a game with amazing graphics and the challenging gameplay will keep you hooked.

Beat Stomper

This game is about jumping up levels that keep wildly swinging along to techno beats. You play as a determined square who wants to make his way up the levels. To be good at this game, you simply need to tap according to the beat and keep in mind how the square will bounce from the walls. The music has been composed by a few famous DJs and playing Beat Stomper would be a nice exploration of their work as well. The game can get repetitive because it is not easy and would probably require some trying before you get the hang of it. But once you do, you will enjoy grooving to the beat.

Lost Maze

Lost Maze

Lost Maze is about a girl called Misty and her struggle against the darkness that has consumed her world. The game features a cute, low-poly design and the towns she comes across are superbly detailed. Progressing through the game basically needs you to rotate the pieces of the map so she is able to find a safe passage out. Lost Maze also has a few levels based on the Chinese New Year. The music is pleasant and not distracting. The puzzles are quite easy to solve and there are sixty levels to play. The game also has a fascinating collection of characters that you can collect, including a mermaid and an elephant.

Still more games! (Local Multiplayer)

This collection is composed of games that have been field tested with actual friends in school and college settings. One game needs both the players to be connected over Bluetooth but the others can be played on a single phone.

Heads Up!

High time that dumb charades got a technological upgrade. This game does just that. Unfortunately, it does not include Bollywood movies at the time of writing. However, the other collections that you can play with are just as entertaining. One person has to hold the phone over their head while the others try and make her guess correctly. This even cuts the downtime of dividing people up into two teams. The game also records your friends’ frantic attempt at trying to make you understand what the word is without ever saying it. These videos could become a part of the memories you will have associated with class. However, it is not a very discreet game and you shouldn’t play it if your teacher is bound to enter at any second.


Dual is played across two phones which mean that there are two controllers and the screen is much bigger. You play as a weaponized square and shoot at the other player. This game can be discreet but it does involve a fair bit of elbow jousting as some unscrupulous players might try to veer their screen away from you. Playing with new opponents unlocks new colours for your character. Only one mode is available in the free version but the slick graphics and unique gameplay will keep you engrossed for a long time. It is also a great game to establish your dominance among your classmates.

King of Opera

King of Opera can accommodate four players. You play in an opera house where four singers vie for the spotlight. They could have done this the honourable way, but they choose instead to bounce other players off the stage. There are a number of variations to the game and you can play as sumo wrestlers or Santa Claus as well. The graphics are brilliant and the one-touch controls mean that even four players can play with ease on one screen. Go ahead, get your friends or family and become the best singer in the weirdest singing competition ever.

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