App Weekly Episode 2: This week's roundup will make you care a little bit more for your own well-being

In this edition App Weekly, we will cover a few games and apps for artists and doodlers.

By Anusha Sinha

In this edition of the App Weekly, we will cover a few games and apps for artists and doodlers. It is for those among us who pick a colour palette carefully even when colouring cells in Excel. Then, we will move on to a few apps which can make you fitter and track your wellbeing as well.

Artsy Apps

Picross Luna

Picross Luna

Picross Luna is a pretty game about solving pictorial puzzles using numbers and visual clues. The game is something like Minesweeper plus pixie dust. The game has around 400 levels with normal difficulty and about a million of the big ones. Million might be a slight exaggeration. The levels each reveal a pixelated image when you have completed it and the big levels actually form a huge picture from a lot of smaller levels. The game is really easy to play and can be quite relaxing, especially with its dreamy atmospheric music.



This app is for you if you like creating art on the go. With Dotpict, you can create stunning pixel art and export it as well. The app might be useful if you want to try creating assets for your new game or for just playing around a bit, especially if you haven’t created pixel art before. You can also explore what other people are creating using this app, and some of these are beautiful and will inspire you to keep making art out of dots (which is what Monet did anyway). The app might help you learn what Miyamoto learnt decades ago while trying to create Mario: Less is more.

I Love Hue


This app is for the aforementioned people staring at Excel sheets when they should be creating art. Don’t worry, I Love Hue will let you fiddle with a multitude of colours. The game is about sorting colours into neat gradients. You will enjoy putting each colour in its place and bringing order to the chaos.



This game is based on colour theory and combines mixing of colours with the match-3 format, resulting in a really interesting play. The colours arranged in a grid can be mixed in specific ways to create hues which then have to be matched. Adding the extra element of strategically creating the blocks you require before matching them up makes this game worth playing.

Colouring Book for Me and Mandala

Colouring book for me and manadala

The Colouring Book app has a range of quirky sketches ranging from cartoon men to steampunk elephants. The colours are also arranged in tasteful little palettes that you can switch between. Some colours and features are locked behind a paywall. However, what you do get for free can engage you for ages, no matter how old you are.

Fitness and Well-being

Nike +Training Club

Nike training

The Nike + Training Club app has a varied collection of workouts by trainers and celebrities. The best feature is the workout plan, which updates according to your feedback and raises or lowers the intensity depending on how hard you found the last few workouts. You can also shift the exercises around the week. The motivation keeps coming in steady doses with this app and it makes it easy for you to exercise even if you have never seen the inside of a gym.

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

J and J 7 minute workout

This app combines a number of exercises into a HIIT (which stands for High Intensity Interval Training) workout. The app takes only seven minutes of your time at the very beginning and is a great guide for people who want to make time for themselves in their schedule but simply cannot. Seven minutes does not seem like much but the workout will leave your muscles feeling suitably sore.



Carrot is quite similar to the 7M Workout and the only difference is who your instructor is. In 7M, the instructor is a man dutifully slogging it out on the screen in front of you. In Carrot, it is the voice of a robot who wants you to get fit and is annoyed you haven’t done so already. For those who need a little negative reinforcement and trash-talk, Carrot is an effective and somewhat entertaining way to exercise.



Flo is a useful app to track ovulation and menstruation. You can enter your symptoms and get predictions on when your next period will start. Note: This feature works better if you are a girl. Flo will even notify you about different events related to your well-being. The app is exceptionally well-designed and entering information about your health takes just a few seconds with its easy to use interface. If you ever had any apprehensions about using a period tracker, this app will convince you of why that is a good idea. There is also the option of locking the app so that you can keep personal details safe from prying eyes.

Google Fit


The standard fitness app somehow becomes quite neglected as it quietly wastes away in a corner of your phone’s memory. The app integrates with a number of other apps and wearables to accurately track all the physical activity that you undertake in a day. You can set goals for yourself within the app and also get customized advice from within the app.

Daily Yoga

Yoga app

Daily Yoga is your introduction to something Baba Ramdev has been doing for ages. The workouts are broken down into simple steps to ensure you do each exercise properly. The app even claims it will teach you the fundamentals of yoga in just two weeks! Try out this app to receive accurate instructions in the comfort of your living room.

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