App Weekly: Dive into nostalgia with 'My Tamagotchi Forever', experience thrilling combat in 'PUBG Mobile and more

Experience thrilling battle royale combat in PUBG Mobile and cool down with the charming Ringo Puzzle in this week's edition of App Weekly!

We have scoured the app stores for the best games this week. Here are the results!

 App Weekly: Dive into nostalgia with My Tamagotchi Forever, experience thrilling combat in PUBG Mobile and more

App Weekly: Your weekly roundup of the best apps for your mobile

Dive into nostalgia with My Tamagotchi Forever as you take care of the cutest virtual pet. Experience thrilling battle royale combat in PUBG Mobile and cool down with the charming Ringo Puzzle. For fans of arcade gaming, there’s Arcade Mayhem Juanito, an extremely polished game about saving the games we love.

My Tamagotchi Forever

My Tamagotchi Forever is a reboot of the beloved Tamagotchi toy of the 90s. With much better graphics (the original just had a few pixels) and more features, this game shall take you back to the good old days. However, being on the mobile phone and sharing the notification drawer with every other app you have means that your little Tamagotchi won’t get all the attention it used to. You need to feed, bathe and play with your pet regularly.

Much like Pokémon, the baby Tamagotchi first hatches from an egg and transforms into a completely different one. There are several side quests built in, like the mini-games you must play to amuse your pet or the photo album you have to fill to unlock special costumes. There’s an entire AR Tama-town where you can play with other pets and shop for your needs and wants.

The game is adorable, not unique. The AR adds a unique touch, however, and My Tamagotchi Forever will soon become your favourite.

Available for iOS and Android

Arcade Mayhem Juanito

Juanito is trapped in a variety of arcade games and it is your objective to help him fight the peculiar obstacles that he faces. The first game looks a lot like Tetris, with large blocks that will squish the life out of you if given the chance. There are also green aliens bouncing around and you can shoot them down, but be careful of alien blood spatter (it kills too).

Arcade Mayhem Juanito is a challenging game. It doesn’t baby the player with cute levels you can breeze through. Thus, each level feels like more of an accomplishment. The graphics in the game are top-notch and the glitchy virus effects are fun to watch out for. If you grew up on a steady diet of retro gaming, you will enjoy this trip to nostalgia. Saving your favourite games by using the quick reflexes they taught you through the ages is a cause that any gamer would fight for. Play Arcade Mayhem Juanito for one of the most nuanced arcade games on the mobile platform now.

Available for Android

PUBG Mobile

Player Unknowns’: Battlegrounds Mobile is the much-awaited mobile version of the hit PC game. You are dropped off a plane into a resource-laden area. The objective is to reach the ever-decreasing safe zone and survive until the very end. According to the game developers, the goal was to make the mobile game as complete an experience as the PC one.

The controls take some getting used to, there are different buttons for every action you could undertake and the weapons you could use. In the beginning, you will enjoy exploring the land around you. Perhaps find a few guns and a mode of transport as well. Clothes would be nice too since you start off playing in just underwear. The game forces you to strategize against close to 100 other live players. Getting into games is quick as the slots get filled fast. The maximum you would have to wait is around a minute. If you haven’t played a similar game, PUBG Mobile is a great way to experience the battle royale format. If you love the PC game, download the mobile version for when you must be away from your gaming station.

Available for iOS and Android


Transmission is a game about one of the most important technologies of our times, telecommunication. In this game by the Science Museum, UK, you create communication networks of increasing complexity. Starting from a simple telegraph system, you build your way up to computers and more. This game is ideal for developing an understanding of how different communication networks function as well as for solving some great puzzles.

The instructions take some time to understand, especially as the devs. keep introducing new elements after every few levels. You will not understand the technical aspects of the communication system as the game is based more on the underlying theories on which these systems function rather than the mechanisms they use to do so.

Transmission looks beautiful, with vibrant colours and a minimalist design and features a soothing soundtrack. The puzzles are interesting but not too challenging. This game is ideal for younger casual gamers. After all, what could be better than learning while you play?

Available for Android

Ringo Puzzle

Ringo is a unique match 3 game which plays on several levels at once. Playing on the 3x3 grid seems straightforward, but a lot of complexity is added because of the layered rings. Each spot on the grid can be occupied by 3 rings of different colours. The trick, as the game progresses, is to plan the placement of the rings in advance and make as many matches as you can.

For fans of the traditional match 3 looking for a challenge, Ringo will provide the right amount of mental stimulation. The game also remains relaxing enough to feel like a break instead of work. The bright colours and absence of many gimmicky power-ups will help you focus solely on the dynamics of the game. If you’re hooked to match 3s or want to try something new in the genre, give this one a shot.

Available for Android

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