Anna Update Incoming for the Nokia N8

The update will also bring continuous autofocus and 30 fps video to its awesome 12 megapixel camera.

Probably all you Nokia N8 users have been waiting with bated breath for this one. The N8 will be getting the latest Symbian update – Anna - pretty soon. The most important of all is that the excellently performing 12 megapixel camera will get better with a few more features added to it.

Anna Update Incoming for the Nokia N8

Anna's coming!


Anna should have been released for the N8 quite a while back. However, it seems that the Finnish company was working on an update that was specific to this smartphone and that’s why the delay. Damien Dinning, the camera expert for Nokia has tweeted saying:
“There will be an N8 specific update coming which will. You need the code from Anna though.”

The new features to the N8’s camera will be able to record videos at 30 frames per second which means smoother videos. The camera will also be able to capture videos in a continuous autofocus manner. So the focus of the camera can shift quickly and continuously while capturing objects in varying distances while shooting videos. Now that it all sounds good, lets hope the N8 gets love from Anna, sooner than expected.

via MyNokiaBlog

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