Android Devices to get Playstation Store, Playstation Suite

The Playstation Suite is a framework that aims to be hardware neutral.

Buried under the bombshell announcement of the Next Generation Portable (NGP) at the Sony press event in Tokyo, which is the successor of the PSP, was a certain announcement that would bring huge smiles to the faces of many Android smartphone and tablet users. No, Sony didn't officially announce the Xperia Play (it looks like they're saving that for the Mobile World Congress), but they did make a rather significant reveal.

Android devices will soon receive a full-fledged Playstation Store, which will include an emulator for current PSP games as well as games that released for the original Playstation console. This store will be launched later this year, but the reveal of the Playstation Suite framework might make Android a gaming haven soon.

Android Devices to get Playstation Store, Playstation Suite
The Store's in the bag. What next, Android?

Sony will be launching a hardware neutral framework that will make it possible to port current Sony games to all kinds of handheld devices, as well as a certification program (called Playstation certified) which will provide first party support and quality assurance. Your device doesn't need to have a control system like the Playstation Phone, all it needs is a touchscreen and you're good to go.

We can't wait to see what's in Store for us. Maybe MWC 2011 will shed some more light, on both the much-awaited Xperia Play and the newly announced plans.