Android 2.4 for Smartphones Might Come in April

Google's next iteration of the Android OS will carry the same moniker - Gingerbread.

If you’ve been all glum about the fact that you’ll have to wait long to update from Gingerbread, there is some news to cheer you up. It looks like Google’s next version of the popular Android OS will be rolling out this April with Viewsonic’s recently announced ViewPad 4.

Android 2.4 for Smartphones Might Come in April
First to have Android 2.4 Gingerbread?

Apparently, Viewsonic themselves have told Pocket-lint that their ViewPad 4 smartphone will be launching with Android 2.4 in April. Also, this guy from Viewsonic says that Android 2.4 will still be called Gingerbread and not Ice Cream. The reason behind coming out with Android 2.4 is that dual-core apps designed for Honeycomb can also run on single-core devices.

It also looks like you shouldn’t be expecting much from this update, apart from the “running dual-core apps” ability. As far as updating Android Gingerbread goes, the only problem is that there’s no news from Google confirming this.

However, Viewsonic’s insider is excited, and says, “This latest update to the ViewSonic Europe ViewPad range will position the device as one of the first multi-media handsets to be supported by Google’s new operating system.”