An iPad Pro is an awesome idea, but there's more to it!

You know an Apple event is round the corner when social media and news portal see a surge in the mention of Apple. This time around, we're hearing a lot about the iPad Pro!

You know an Apple event is round the corner when social media and news portals create a surge in the mention of Apple. This time around, we're hearing a lot about the iPad Pro!

Soon enough, it’s a barrage of rumours and speculation around what are the likely products to be announced at the event. Later tonight (India time) Apple would be announcing product upgrades across the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV among several other facts including numbers in terms of performance and adoption of these products.

Although the rumoured iPad Pro has got significant attention from the tech community, an underlying possibility has somehow not been considered. What would the operating system be? That's one question we need an answer to.

A look at Windows

To understand why, let’s look at Microsoft’s ecosystem. Prior to Windows 10, laptops and desktops ran the Windows operating system. Tablets and phones ran Windows Phone. Since Windows 10 has launched, the front facing layer is the same across all form factors. It’s Windows throughout. Effectively, you can’t run a complex software suite on a tablet running a version of Windows prior to 10. Unless it’s the Microsoft Surface which is a tablet intended to be the replacement to your desktop and laptop.

That seems to be a work ready tablet in the true sense. However, it’s slightly tricky when it comes to the Apple ecosystem. There’s Mac OS for more computing intensive operations, while iOS, still a derivative of the Unix-based Mac platform is the mobile operating system also running on the iPad.

An iPad Pro is an awesome idea, but theres more to it!

Here's how the iPad becomes work ready with an add-on keyboard case. Image: Clamcase

Software suites

Now when the premise of the next tablet is an enterprise/work friendly product, the ability to run software suites such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and other specialised software suites becomes very critical. Unfortunately, these don’t work on iOS and hence it doesn't work on the iPad. Add the cost factor of an iPad with reasonable storage such as the 64GB version, and the cost of a decent case such as the Clamcase Pro, and the cumulative price isn't too far off from the Macbook Air. The only difference is that the Macbook Air doesn't have a detachable screen.

The operating system

If you need professional work software for use on a device, then you need a similar environment that you use at work. What you need is the operating system that works on your Macbook.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft got that right early on with the Microsoft Surface Pro, making it the perfect tablet to replace the Windows laptop. For Apple users, the need would be of an iPad that runs on Mac OS. With a similar experience of downloading professional apps from the Mac App Store. Better still if app stores such as AppExchange by Salesforce bring in a wider pool of specialised enterprise ready apps for the iPad Pro.

So if Apple is keen on launching an iPad Pro, it’s better off running Mac OS rather than iOS. Many may say you can do the same with the iPad as well. That's true. But that would mean a larger buy in from enterprise and business partner to bring in their core tools to the iPad Pro. Moreover, there is no denying that the larger iPhone Plus model will eventually hurt iPad Mini sales. So, a smaller, portable hybrid running Mac OS makes more sense.

However, given by the delay in the upcoming iPad Pro, it seems that Apple has weighed every possible aspect of creating a work-ready tablet. We'll know for sure once we hear the announcements Apple makes today!

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