An Apple iPhone 6s waiting to be repaired bursts into flames in Las Vegas repair shop: Report

After Samsung and Nokia, an Apple iPhone 6s reportedly burst into flames when it was brought to a shop in Las Vegas for servicing.

The Apple iPhone 6. Image: Apple

The Apple iPhone 6. Image: Apple

In a video obtained by KTNV news channel, a man can be seen sitting in a corner using his phone when an object on the table bursts into flames. As the phone explodes, the startled employee can be seen running away from his work desk when the phone was placed.

He looks frantic and goes to what looks like a store's main counter to make a call. In the video, it is not visible whether it is a smartphone which burst into flames, however, according to the KTNV report, the store representative said that object was a smartphone, an iPhone 6s.

The phone was reportedly brought to the store to replace the screen which had cracked after its battery has expanded.

This is not the first time that a complaint regarding the explosion or swelling of iPhones has been made. An iPhone 8 Plus was found popping display screen when the phones were left for charging. Before this, in January the battery of an iPhone caught fire in Spain while it was being repaired.

Updated Date: May 14, 2018 16:33 PM