AMD Radeon HD6990 Dual-GPU Card Spotted

Might be releasing by the end of this quarter.

Where the logic is in waving a graphics card at a processor event is beyond me, but it seems that's exactly what happened at a recent AMD Fusion event. An AMD executive was spotted holding a dual-GPU card which could possibly be the rumoured AMD Radeon HD 6990.

AMD Radeon HD6990 Dual-GPU Card Spotted
Look ma, it's a VHS Cassette

The card, which will run two Cayman GPUs, will sport a vapour cooling chamber and will release by the end of this quarter, according to ITOC. There is speculation that it will feature a massive 3,820 shader processors, 4GB of GDDR5 memory and will support Eyefinity right out of the box. Other awesome features that have been rumoured include an actual crossfire connector, which will theoritically mean a 4-way Crossfire. Displayports and DVI ports will obviously be included.

The HD6990, which will replace the HD5970, will challenge the GTX580 and NVIDIA's upcoming rumoured dual-GPU solution, the GTX595. The 5970 still outperforms the GTX 580 slightly so if this one offers a performance boost, there is no doubt it'll be an absolute monster. It's probably cost a ton of money, but the lure of that performance cannot be ignored.

Regardless, we can't wait to learn more about the card and we probably will soon if it really is slated for a Q1 release.