AMD Launch Phenom II x4 975BE and Phenom II x6 1065T Processors

Two new processors, one is quad-core and the other hex-core.

Following the launch of their Fusion processors, which Lenovo have announced they’re using in their new lineup of laptops, AMD have released two new desktop processors in their Phenom II line – the x4 975BE and the x6 1065T – at CES.

AMD Launch Phenom II x4 975BE and Phenom II x6 1065T Processors
AMD still waiting it out for Bulldozer

The Phenom II x4 975BE clocks in at 3.6GHz and is AMD’s fastest quad-core processor yet. The Black Edition tag ensures its multipliers are unlocked, which means it’ll be an easy overclocker. We wonder just how high we can overclock this beauty.

The Phenom II x6 1065T, on the other hand, is a 2.9GHz hex-core chip that will finally allow users with 95W TDP motherboards to get onto the hex-core bandwagon. The earlier hex-cores like the 1055T, 1075T and 1100T all had TDP ratings of 125W, compared to the 95W rating of the 1065T. This will ensure power savings.

Nothing’s been announced about the pricing yet, but the processors are apparently available starting immediately, so we hope to see these processors very soon.

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