Ambrane launches a budget smartwatch which works as a fitness tracker at Rs 1,999

The smartwatch puts the convenience of a smartphone and a fitness tracker at the flick of your wrist, allowing users to even track the daily fitness activities.

Domestic computer accessories firm Ambrane India on Monday launched its latest smartwatch "ASW-11" at only Rs 1,999.

Ambrane launches a budget smartwatch which works as a fitness tracker at Rs 1,999

Ambrane smartwatch. Ambrane.

The smartwatch allows users to track their daily fitness activities. It also monitors sleep patterns and steps in a day with pedometer, the company said in a statement.

"Devised for those on the go, this watch would replace your many expensive watches from the case and also play the role of a fitness tracker," said Gaurav Dureja, Director, Ambrane India. The device is available in black with a one-year warranty at leading retail and e-tail stores.

Recently, scientists invented a new algorithm that empowers smartwatches to detect and record your every move, without being told beforehand what to look for.

Current smartwatches can recognise a limited number of activities, including yoga and running, but these are programmed in advance. This new method, which was presented at the International Symposium on Wearable Computers, held in Hawaii from 11 September to 15 September, enables the technology to discover activities as they happen, not just simply when exercising, but also when brushing your teeth or cutting vegetables.

The algorithm can even track sedentary activity. For instance, whether you are sitting or lying down.

"Current activity-recognition systems usually fail because they are limited to recognising a predefined set of activities, whereas of course human activities are not limited and change with time," said Hristijan Gjoreski of University of Sussex in Britain.

With inputs from IANS