Amazon to fix Alexa's creepy laughter which has been spooking Echo users

Amazon said that sometimes Alexa mistakes a command as “Alexa laugh”

Imagine you are sleeping peacefully and in the middle of the night you hear a crackle of laughter. This is sure to give you a nightmare. If reports are to be believed some Amazon Echo users are facing something similar when Alexa starts laughing randomly after mishearing a command or at times when it is not prompted at all.

The Amazon Echo. Image: Amazon

The Amazon Echo. Image: Amazon

According to a report by the Bloomberg, it was found that Alexa was laughing randomly at odd hours. Amazon has stated that it is probably due to the fact that Alexa mishears a command as 'Alexa laugh', which triggers the laughter. But some users have even reported that Alexa was found to be laughing without any prompts.

Responding to the concerns, Amazon is reportedly fixing the bug.


Amazon is considering to change the command from “Alexa laugh” to “Alexa can you laugh?”. To this command, it is additionally adding the phrase “Sure I can” followed by a chuckle.

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