Amazon is finally rolling out its Alexa voice assistant in its iOS app

Like Alexa in an Amazon Echo, you can ask Alexa in the app for iOS to do all kinds of things for you.

Users haven’t been able to interact with Amazon's Alexa using their voice on their iPhones, but that doesn't hold true anymore. After bringing the Amazon Alexa to Android, the voice assistant has finally arrived on iOS on 27 June. Users who download the smart assistant will be able to ask the virtual assistant, whatever they like.

Earlier, the voice assistant on iPhone existed only inside Amazon’s shopping app.

Amazon is finally rolling out its Alexa voice assistant in its iOS app

Amazon Alexa App. Image: App Store

Since Apple has got a smart assistant of its own (Siri), the app requires a tap on a button to start an interaction.

Inside of the Amazon App for iOS, there is a microphone icon near the top of the screen that can be pressed to call up Alexa. Just like Alexa in an Amazon Echo, Alexa in the app for iOS can do all kinds of things. You can ask Alexa questions, listen to music and control smart devices. On top of that you can also access any of its 40,000-plus skills.

Queries related to weather, sports, calendars and movies, can also be answered by the assistant. The voice assistant reportedly hasn't rolled out for everyone yet, but will soon be accessible to all.

Amazon however, does not compete with the Google Assistant and Apple's Siri because it does not have its own smartphone. Having an app on the smartphone is the best that they can do to expand Alexa's availability and usage.