Airtel Looking to Launch Triple Play Game

Airtel is planning the festival launch of a game on all its platforms - DTH, Mobile and Broadband.

Airtel is planning the festival launch of game on all its platforms - DTH, Mobile and Broadband.

Developed by Diginatives for Airtel the game, GetRis, has been inspired by Tetris (Tetris...GetRis...Get it?!), is based on Triple Play and can be accessed and played from any of the platforms. Users can also continue an existing game from any of the three platforms.

Sanjay S. Sakalley - COO, Diginatives, said, "We are glad that the very first Triple Play Game in India comes through the market leader Airtel. The emerging convergence of digital media is aptly demonstrated by this launch - a testimonial to Airtel's reach and Diginatives' skills. This will open up many avenues for the exciting and the engaging products in the coming months."

GetRis is designed for the 14- to 18-year old audience and with each level, the speed of the game increases. "This is Airtel's first attempt to launch a game on all three platforms. Anyway, games on DTH are a new phenomenon. An Airtel customer can play the game on any one of the three services and seamlessly continue his experience on the remaining two platforms using a unique code on each occasion. The game will float across the three screens," said Sugato Banerji, chief marketing officer - DTH, Bharti Airtel. There are 100 levels in this game.

The gamer has to form horizontal lines with the help of "Pingoos". The lines once formed, disappear allowing the user to form new lines and score more. The unique code appears on the screen when a gamer finishes one level and exits from the game.

Diginatives develops products for "Consumer Critical" applications across all digital media, i.e., Web, Mobile, DTH and IPTV. The "Quad play" nature of the organization has helped in an established association with all the major players across these segments. Diginatives has also delivered solutions like mGames, mComics, mCards, mCommerce and other mApplications.

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