AI-Powered Panasonic Refrigerators ensure optimum cooling and maximum savings

Panasonic refrigerators offer a flat surface design with impressive straight lines and rounded corners for a refined look that adds to your kitchen's aesthetics.

The digital age is well as truly here. We are already living in times where a click here and a preset there is all you need to get the job done. Advanced AI technology is learning quickly and levelling up even faster to improve the quality of our lives. But nowhere is this advancement in tech more evident than with the humble refrigerator.

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Keeping up with the needs of modern households, Japan's No. 1 appliances brand, Panasonic, is bringing trustworthy Japanese technology and high-quality standards of this 100-year old brand to the Indian consumer. Panasonic's new series of refrigerators come fully equipped to make life far more convenient than ever before. The Intelligent Econavi sensors work hand-in-hand with smart inverter technology to analyze how often you open and close the fridge, optimize cooling accordingly and reduce your power consumption. This allows your fridge to make better decisions of when to increase the cooling inside or slip into energy-saving mode, when the temperature is constant.

This means your new refrigerator provides optimal cooling and maximum energy savings, close to 49%*, on your power bills. That's more money back in your pocket month on month.

Having the benefit of all this advanced technology means optimum cooling and maximum savings. Along with this, the fridge also offers a lot of storage space, which is a boon since our busy lifestyles sometimes mean we can grocery shop only once or twice a week.

But even after heading back home with bags full of groceries, it's frustrating trying to cram them all into poorly designed drawers and compartments that end up bruising and spoiling your food before the day is done.

Now, thanks to the double veg case in Panasonic refrigerators, both the upper and lower vegetable cases let you store a lot of vegetables and fruits. You can use the lower case for soft delicate vegetables such as tomatoes and the upper case for large or leafy vegetables. Separating items in this way enables neat and organized storage.

The lower Fresh Safe vegetable case stores vegetables under optimum conditions, with almost 90%* humidity and a constant temperature, to retain the moisture and nutrients, and keep them fresher for longer. The airtight structure doesn’t let moisture escape and cool air is indirectly blown to gently cool the vegetables and prevent them from drying out. There’s even a humidity controller to adjust the humidity levels based on the quantity and type of vegetables stored.

When it comes to usability, the interiors of the refrigerator feature a simple, transparent design, brightly lit by LED lights for better visibility and it also helps you find items easily, minimizing the chances of leaving food supplies unused. Spacious and well-designed compartments along with a stylish and functional 4-door design make for secure handling and fits everything from milk cartons to jam and sauce bottles easily. Additionally, the doors prevent cold air from escaping and hence contributes towards energy savings. The refrigerator freezes food faster to help retain the structure and nutrients of your food.

Not everything in the fridge needs to be frozen solid. Multiple compartments in the refrigerator allow you to store different food items separately at optimal temperature to retain the nutrients. The Surround cooling airflow indirectly cools the stored items gently and evenly.

Ever used the freezer to store food and realized it wasn’t such a great idea? The food took way too long to soften and even when it did, it just didn’t taste fresh and tasty enough? Prime fresh freeze zone is the solution for all your freezing woes. Conventional freezers freeze food to -18 degrees, which destroys their freshness and the nutrients, Prime Fresh only freezes food to -3 degrees. This creates a thin protective layer of ice over the food which is perfect for preserving it while keeping the nutrients intact within.

But that's not all we look for in a fridge. Along with impressive cooling and retention of nutrients, we all want interiors that stay hygienic and bacteria-free. That’s where the Ag Clean Technology comes into play. It covers both the fridge and freezer compartments, and deactivates up to 99.9%* of mold and bacteria in the interior of the fridge, while an active enzyme eliminates any unpleasant odours. Now you can say goodbye to that peculiar "fridge" smell and be sure that what you are eating is safe and clean.


Panasonic refrigerators offer a flat surface design with impressive straight lines and rounded corners for a refined look that adds to your kitchen's aesthetics. The unique flat handles make it easy to open the door with your left or right hand. Open the fridge and you see a welcome sight - bright, well lit interiors with brilliantly cut door pockets illuminated by wide front LEDs and beautiful glass trays, tough enough to withstand heavy weight.

Finally, with so much technology, design, thought, and purpose, layered with energy-saving capabilities, you'd expect an outrageous price. But, Panasonic offers advanced Japanese technology and high quality standards at a competitive price, which means every purchase gives you more value for your hard-earned money. Convenient and super easy to use, Panasonic’s latest series of refrigerators are available at all retail outlets and you can also buy them on Amazon.

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