Adobe Reader Update for Android Causes Uproar

Users not happy with the required permissions.

Adobe has updated its PDF reader application for Android to 1.0.2, which unfortunately has not gone down too well with Android users. As you can see in the release notes, the ‘New in this Release’ section contains some rather concern-inducing information. “IMPORTANT NOTE:  Adobe Reader now requires permissions to read Gmail and default Email clients. This is to enable users to open Gmail and default Email clients PDF attachments using Adobe Reader only when users select the application to view PDF files. This permission is required because of a known limitation with the Android platform."

Adobe Reader Update for Android Causes Uproar

It wants to Read your email


Also Included in this release are:

  • Support for Android v 3.0
  • Improvements in File Browser Performance
  • New Menu item to access Adobe CreatePDF on Android Market


Now, it’s fairly obvious people are taking privacy very seriously these days, so the required permissions for reading emails and PDF attachments had quite a few people up in arms. The App has been bombarded by one-star reviews on the Android Market and is struggling to keep up with the barrage, even if it is only an overreaction.

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