A weird 'motor-like' noise emitts from my PC during booting, how do I fix it?##Suhas

What should one do if a fan component starts rattling around or making strange sounds from their PC? - Suhas

Hello, I have a desktop computer running Windows 7 Ultimate. I have had a problem with a strange noise, more like a motor, starting up every time I boot my computer. It becomes quiet usually after the user login is complete, but it is very annoying to deal with. The configuration of the computer is as follows: Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Intel DP45SG motherboard, an NVIDIA 9600GT PCIe graphics card, and 2GB of DDR3 RAM. Also, I would like to add that when I was using Windows XP previously, I never had this issue. Is there any way to solve this problem.


- Suhas

Hello Suhas. It is usual for computers to make “whirring” sounds from within the cabinet if they are not serviced on time to remove the dust from inside. The noise seems to be coming from one the fans inside the computer case. It could be a faulty fan that seems to be wobbling due to wear in the shaft or bearings and later stabilises when the speed is increased or decreased automatically by the system. It could also be a faulty processor cooling fan, one of the case exhaust fans or the power supply fan. These are used in places where the heat needs to be dissipated for cooling a particular component. These areas would be the CPU, graphics card and motherboard chipset.

 A weird 'motor-like' noise emitts from my PC during booting, how do I fix it?##Suhas

Be careful while attempting a clean up or repair


To find the noisy one, open the computer case and then switch on the computer. Wait till you hear the whirring sound and try locating the area where the sound is coming from. Once you know which fan is faulty, you need to act by servicing or replacing the fan accordingly.

Detach the fan carefully from the respective assembly mount (be it the one on the processor’s cooling heatsink or inside the power supply casing), but do it with extreme care. Clean the faulty fan thoroughly using a brush and apply a few drops of machine oil in the gap between the fan blades and the base. You would need to dismantle the fan too in order to do the above procedure, but I wouldn’t recommend doing so if you are not experienced enough to handle minor repairs. After cleaning and oiling the fans, replace the fans back into place and check again. If you still find the sounds coming, then you should replace the fan immediately, as a wobbling or faulty fan can degrade the functionality and life of the hardware component it is supposed to cool. If the fan in the power supply is faulty, ask a computer technician to look into the matter, as this section involves very high voltages and can cause severe damage to life and property. Check for warranty of the product before handling any of the parts, as you might void the warranty and lose out on a free replacement.

This also goes out to all those reading this article. You should ensure that your computer is serviced from time to time to get rid of any dust settled, especially in the areas that have moving parts. If you are using your computer in an environment which is usually dusty, you should clean the case every week. You should keep the computer case covered with a cloth to avoid more dust from entering inside.

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