Motorola Moto G reviews: A good phone made better by the low price

We decided to take a look at what reviewers had to say about the Moto G to see whether the phone will challenge Indian low-cost phone makers for a piece of the pie.

Motorola has launched Moto G in India. One of the biggest plus points of the smartphone is the price at which it is being positioned, with the 8GB setting users back Rs 12,499, while the 16GB is priced at Rs 13,999. We decided to take a look at what reviewers had to say about Motorola’s latest offering to see whether the phone will challenge Indian low-cost phone makers for a piece of the pie.


Wired’s Dave Oliver starts off by saying that the Moto G is the first new phone from Motorola to set a very high bar for a very low price. While the device is slightly chunky, it feels sturdy and well-built. The 4.5-inch screen offers a resolution of 1280x720 pixels and a pixel density of 329ppi. While it may not rank with most full HD high-end smartphones, the reviewer feels that the standard 720p HD resolution still looks terrific.

The Moto G takes on the competition

The Moto G takes on the competition


The Moto G currently runs on a slightly-modified version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, but Motorola has promised an upgrade to 4.4. KitKat. Under the hood, Motorola has packed a quad-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor coupled with 1GB of RAM, certainly more powerful than what the reviewer is used to at that price point. Oliver winds up his review by saying that the Moto G is a pretty decent mid-range phone but it is the budget price that makes it really special.


The Guardian’s Samuel Gibbs says that the Moto G is probably the best budget phone in the market. The Google-owned company, according to the reviewer, is gearing up to “disrupt” the smartphone market by making a phone that is feature packed, behaves like a premium phone, at a price point that is around one-third what premium smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5s cost.


One of the features that the reviewer focused on was the camera. The camera app, according to Gibbs, has been tweaked, hiding the user interface and making photo capture as easy as a tap anywhere on the screen. Menus for accessing advanced features like HDR , flash settings, panorama mode, slow-motion video as well as auto-focus settings are hidden under a pull-out menu.


The camera was found to be capable of capturing decent still photos. While the end products weren't stellar, the camera is more than good enough for quick snaps for the most part. The Moto G will also capture smooth high-definition videos at 720p resolution. Gibbs rounds up his review by saying that the handset is a far better smartphone experience than it ought to be for the price, and the first budget smartphone that isn’t frustrating to use.

Finally, it's here

Finally, it's here


Android Central’s Alex Dobie says that the budget Android phone is unlike any other in its price range, and one that seems set to shake up the low-cost device space. It may not have the most head-turning design, but it more than makes up for it with understated class. The G was foudn to fit in the hand very comfortably, with smooth curves on all sides and no unwelcome sharp edges. The back makes the handset look like a smaller version of the Moto X, with the stylised lip at the top and the dimple under the camera for the company branding. The reviewer found that the back shell was susceptible to wear and tear, though, so it would be advisable to get one of the separately-sold covers for the Moto G. Dobie ends his Moto G take by saying that other manufacturers can learn something about making a good, cheap Android phone from Motorola.


TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington says that Motorola has done its best to deliver a premium experience coupled with an affordable price tag through the Moto G. Taking all the features into account, it is definitely a remarkable device. With it is still the less talented sibling of the “flash-bang” Moto X, the device is more noteworthy because it offers so much at a stunning price point. While there are other top-tier devices that are definitely better, the Moto G was found to be a good enough device to be used as a “daily driver”.


Engadget’s Jamie Rigg starts off his take on the Moto G by saying that it is an affordable smartphone, done right. The review says that while the Nexus 5 caters to smartphone die-hards and the Moto X is for those who can’t resist a highly customisable device experience, the Moto G is meant for those who want a functional device at a reasonable price. While there have been a few sacrifices made, the review was impressed with what Motorola has managed to achieve. In terms of performance, most apps load in a second or less, though larger games take longer, as is expected. Overall performance was found to be great for the price point.

Moto G comes with all of Motorola's customisations (Image credit: AFP)

Moto G comes with all of Motorola's customisations (Image credit: AFP)


It is possible to confuse the phone into stuttering and hanging momentarily if users rapidly switch between menus, apps and the homescreen, though. While the device does well in gaming, there were some hiccups in the web browsing. While mobile and desktop sites loaded really well on good connections, there was a perceptible lag while navigating up, down and around web pages. The delays were said to be fairly minor. While comparing the device with its competition, the reviewer states that there are limited Android smartphones available for users in that price range. At the moment, the Moto G seems to stand alone. However, that is not the case in markets like India, where it will face considerable competition. Rigg winds up his review by saying that if you’re even considering getting the Moto G, you should stop thinking and just do it.


So there you have it. By and large, everyone has come away with glowing responses for the Moto G. The biggest selling point for the handset is its brilliant price range. Most reviewers have also found the battery life to be competent; a problem that Google’s recently launched Nexus 5 has been receiving some flak for. With the promised January launch drawing closer, Motorola’s new budget smartphone looks to be a great contender for the Indian market.

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