5 Must Play Over the Top Action Games

Pure heart pounding adrenaline...

Playing the occasional tactical shooter is good once in a while but if it’s pure heart pounding adrenaline you crave, give these games a shot…

Total Overdose
5 Must Play Over the Top Action Games

When I first saw Total Overdose I was quick to label it a Max Payne clone since it had tons of bullet time and dual gun wielding action but the more I played, the more I realized how different this mindless shooter actually was. The game put you in the boots of Ramiro Cruz, a Mexican DEA (Drug Enforcement Agent) who goes undercover to bust one of Mexican’s biggest drug lords up and avenge his father’s death at the same time. The game played out like any third person shooter and you constantly had to plough through wave after wave of enemies armed with your arsenal, some bullet time and some over the top spicy moves like El Toro, Tornado, El Mariachi (which draws obvious inspiration from the movie El Mariachi) and more. The game’s major draw was that it was a really funny mindless shooter that did not take itself seriously at all. If you missed the PS2, Xbox or PC version you can still catch the PSP port titled Chili Con Carnage.


Simply put, Crackdown can be described as a Grand Theft Auto game on crack, which even simpler put translates to some free roaming madness + wanton violence + over the top gameplay. In the game, Pacific City has been overrun by criminals (3 factions to be precise) and the law enforcement agency can’t handle the situation so it’s upto you, a genetically modified agent to clean up the streets once and fore all. You start the game as a relatively strong man who can kick people around and lift garbage bins up but after leveling up your character can do some pretty whacked stuff like pick vehicles up, scale buildings in a single jump and toss people all over the place; add in tons of firepower and you become an unstoppable force to reckon with. Oh and the icing on this cake is the fact that the entire game can be played with a friend in co-op over Xbox Live.

Devil May Cry 3

Probably one of the best action titles (I say one of the best since we all know God of War 2 is the best) to grace the PS2, Devil May Cry 3 was a prequel to the very first Devil May Cry game and told the story of uber cool half human, half demon badass Dante as he went about slaying the crap out of demons and other such outworld oddities while trying to settle matters with his evil twin brother, Vergil. As you all already know, this entire series is all about style and DMC 3 is no different; cut your enemies up with a plethora of weapons like swords, nanchucks or even electric guitars and rip them to shreds with your trusty duals Ebony and Ivory or just mix it all up to pull off some insane combos; it’s all there and it’s f*****g awesome. Only problem with the game is that it’s rather tough even on the simplest difficulty and every level culminates with a pretty tough boss fight.

God Hand

God Hand was one of the last games to come out of Clover studios before they shut their doors down. This game followed the exploits of a traveler called Gene who inherits the God Hand after he looses one of his hands to a bunch of pricks but with great power comes great responsibility and he must now use his powers to rid the world of nasty demons and cross dressing minions ... umm yeah. The game was a pure beat ‘em up at heart and just like DMC 3, the game’s steep difficulty level managed to scare causal gamers away and even though it lacked the polish of a DMC title you should pick this one up if you’re a fan of tough, whacky, brain dead yet entertaining beat ‘em ups; and hey if all fails take solace in the fact that this is probably one of the only games that allows you to send your opponents to orbit with a single punch/kick.


Yes I know this game is a Serious Sam clone but you can’t but help falling in love with this simple yet extremely high octane shooter. The game put players in the boots of Daniel Garner, an unfortunate little chap who along with his wife dies on their anniversary and while his wife lands up in heaven he finds himself stuck in purgatory (life’s a bitch huh?). To get reunited with his estranged wife, Daniel now has to battle his way through hordes of hell’s minions and if that wasn’t enough he’s even going to have a tete – a – tete with the big man downstairs, Lucifer. Even though this game was a Serious Sam clone its innovative arsenal, combined with some crazy visuals and physics (it was pretty wicked in those days) courtesy of their in-house PAIN engine made this game a total blast. Impale, cut, blow up or just plough your way (courtesy of the Painkiller) through thousands of hells minions and watch the day’s worries just slip/slide away.

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