5 Coupon sites to save money when shopping online

There are several sites that offer discount coupon codes and deals, which you can take advantage of and save some money while shopping online. But, of course, read the fine print.

Call it the Indian psyche, but we like a good bargain. Haggling for prices with shopkeepers is something that comes naturally to us. But that’s not possible with online shopping. While the discounts offered by the online merchants just about make up for it, it’s definitely not the same. And if you are looking for something more, then coupon codes or deals is the way to go. These codes can be used when making the payment, to get some extra benefit. There are several kinds of codes available, offering different kinds of discounts that can be availed. And you can easily find them as there are scores of sites that will provide you with coupon codes for almost every big or small online merchant.

However, these coupons and deals come with a fine print and it’s good to read the terms and conditions before using the code. As these discount codes are for free, it isn’t that you will lose money, but there are chances that you may come across a very good coupon for a lesser known site and may end up having trouble with delivery or some other woes. Some of these sites will provide you with user reviews and ratings, which is a good way to judge the worthiness of the coupon or deals. Most of these coupons are valid only upon shopping for a certain amount, which is quite reasonable since online shopping has increased to a great extent. 

So if you frequently shop online, then do look for coupons on these sites and get yourself a good bargain.


CouponRaja 5 Coupon sites to save money when shopping online

CouponRaja features coupons from over 1000 online merchants


One of the best sites to get the latest coupon deals online is CouponRaja. The site features coupons for over 500 online retail brands, across 14 categories. These include all the major retail sites right from Flipkart, eBay, HomeShop18, Indiatimes, Myntra, Pepperfry, Yebhi, to name a few. Looking for coupons on the site is pretty straightforward as it has been divided into several broad categories. You can browse through ‘Top Coupon’, ‘New Coupons’, ‘Top Deals’ and ‘Expiring Coupons’. Alternatively, if you are looking for coupons for a particular product, then you can browse for coupons based on product like cameras, tablets, books, flights, mobile, hotel, furniture etc. You can also browse based on categories. CouponRaja has also started ‘Cashback Offers’ that you can avail. The site also has tie-up with certain leading brands and offers exclusive discount coupons for them. Besides this, it also has a section of daily deals and offers.



CouponCodesIndia features coupons for travel category


Another site that features wide range of coupons and deals is CouponCodesIndia. The site has neat categories, which makes it easy to browse and look for coupons. You can browse according to merchants, top coupon deals, brand discounts, or new coupon deals. The categories include Airlines, Bus travel, Flights, Shopping, Fast Food, Mobile & Accessories, Hotels, Deals, Gifts, Internet Security, web hosting and others. The site features a comprehensive travel coupon category with deals and coupons for airlines, flights, hotels and even bus travel. The airlines category that features deals directly from the airlines is unique to this site, while the flights option includes deals from travel agents. Similarly, the hotel section features quite a few handy deals. Apart from the online merchant, the site also offers some coupons for offline merchants, especially in the food section. A useful feature of the site is the presence of ratings and review for every deal or coupon featured on it.


CupoNation CupoNation

CupoNation has tie-ups with several brands and offers exclusive discounts


Launched in September this year, CupoNation is one of the upcoming portals that the bargain hunters can explore. It features coupons from the major online brands and also offers exclusive coupons for few of the retailers. You can also sign-up for its newsletter so that you wouldn’t miss out on the latest deals and offers. The site sports an uncluttered look and looking for coupons is quite simple. You can look at the ‘Top 20’, ‘New Coupon’ or browse through the categories to find a coupon for the product you wish to buy. The categories range from Electronics, Books, Apparels, Flowers, Gifts to services like Insurance, Restaurants, Movies and many more. The site doesn’t require you to sign-up to avail the coupons codes and deals. A useful feature is that when you are viewing a particular coupon, the bottom of the site will show you coupons from other sites in the same category. However, right now the coupons on the site are limited in number.


CouponDunia CouponDunia

Navigating the site isn't easy


CouponDunia features deals and coupons from over 200 online retail brands. However, looking for coupons on the site is not as easy because there is no categorisation or the concept of featured or top deals on the homepage. You can, however, use the search option if you are looking for a particular brand coupon. Once you are on a particular deal page, then on the right hand side you will see suggestions based on your choice as well as categories based on the deal you have selected. You will also see special offers if any, as a banner on the top. One feature of CouponDunia that is quite helpful is the addition of review and comment. Every deal or coupon featured includes the success rate along with comments. You can be assured that the deal has been tested and is valid, which is reflected in the success rate. You can also read the comments from people who may have tried it, before proceeding with the coupon. If you want to receive details about the coupons from your favourite brand, then you can sign-up with your email to receive details of deals from that brand.


PriceBurp PriceBurp

The review and comments section is very helpful in identifying good deals


PriceBurp features coupons and deals from the major online retailers. You can browse the site for new deals, deals that are expiring soon and top offers. Alternatively, you can use the search feature and mention the category to look for best coupons and deals. The categories include games, clothes, watches, accessories, entertainment, holidays, books, restaurants etc. PriceBurp features coupons from sites that you won’t find on other coupon sites. You will see some special deals highlighted on the top in the form of a banner. Also, its Blog section features and highlights the best deals and discount coupon that you will come across on the site. The site has a review section where you can see what rating the deal or coupon has received and what do other members have to say about it. You can also sign up for the newsletter so that you won’t miss out on the latest deals.    


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