3 Must-have action games for your quad-core Android

Pushing quad-core devices to their limits... one pixel at a time...

Android devices have gotten quite powerful over the years, with the most recent ones running on quad-core processors that were unheard of earlier. One of the best ways to push any device to its limits, be it a full-fledged computer or a just a smartphone, is gaming. Let's take a look at some of the lesser-known action games that can bring even dual-core handsets to their knees.

Note, however, that these games aren't simply picked because of their obscurity. Instead, the overall quality of the game is considered. As much as everyone loves running games and Angry Birds, we're trying to instead check out some more hardcore titles that will need more than two minutes of your time to keep you entertained. With that out of the way, let's get to it.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Rs 270

3 Must-have action games for your quad-core Android

Our dashing polygonal anti-hero as he attempts to take over the Vice City cocaine business


I know what you’re thinking. “Grand Theft Auto is HARDLY lesser-known.” It IS, however, really good. The game was a classic back when it was released in 2002, and it’s definitely a classic right now.

While the funny oddly-polygonal models might make you think that your low-end smartphone can handle it, it really can’t. Instead of touching up the graphics of the character models, Rockstar instead decided to make the open-world environments themselves look gorgeous.

The game features a completely re-done lighting system that gives Vice City its neon-laden 80s tropical feel. You’ll feel your phone’s processor doing all the crunching when speeding down a straight road in a Cheetah, one of the fastest vehicles in the game.

Aside from the graphics, the game’s really good. The gameplay is the same, with controls having been redone for touchscreens in mind. While not exactly intuitive, you’ll feel right at home when playing the game because of how similar the control-layout is to a typical console controller.

Magicka – Rs 119
The Android version of Magicka is based on the legendarily-hilarious PC version of the game, albeit redone to make it more suited to tablets. The game has you and your friends go through a hilarious story as mages. Unlike other games, your spells don’t come from levelling up. Instead, you already have access to seven “proto” spells, which in turn can be combined to make new weird spells.

The game tends to devolve into constant hilarity thanks to the always-on friendly fire, which inadvertently leads to friends killing each other, either by accident, or because they really wanted that awesome new magic stuff that just dropped from a boss.

Our dashing hero as he attempts to bring down an ancient evil

Our dashing hero as he attempts to bring down an ancient evil


Magicka throws hordes of enemies at you while you and your friends scatter to cast arcane-fire beams, steam-lightning land mines and arcane-healing powers that will bounce among allies. Just the sheer awesomeness of the particle effects in this one are good enough to bring down some of the beefier dual-core machines we’ve seen, so don’t let the 2D art style fool you. This is a great touch-based interpretation of an awesome game.

Aces of the Luftwaffe – Free
What list of action games could possibly be complete without something from the bullet hell genre? Aces of the Luftwaffe is a (relatively) recent game that, despite being a bullet hell game, has more in common with a fast-paced version of Galaga than the legendary Ikaruga.

It has you travel upwards in World War II-era planes as you destroy hordes of enemies that come in your way. Along the way you pick up medals that increase your score multiplier and upgrades that can not only add new weapons, but also give you back up planes that fly around yours and shoot at anything you do. An easier thing to do would be to show you the game in action:



Again, a game being 2D isn’t a sign of it having lower graphical capability. The beautiful looking game has a pseudo-3D look that gives a real feeling that your plane is indeed flying in the air. Not to mention the hundreds of bullets and missiles you’ll be dodging at any moment adding up the CPU and GPU load on your smartphones. While not exactly Luftrausers, Aces of the Luftwaffe is still a good game that deserves more attention than it gets.


That's our take on some of the best high-end games for Androids.

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