2K Games announces Civilization Online for Asia

Take-Two Interactive Software has announced the development of a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) based on the successful Civilization franchise.

Take-Two Interactive Software has announced the development of a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) based on the successful Civilization franchise. Through a partnership with South Korean-based studio XLGAMES, and under the leadership of its CEO, Jake Song, Civilization Online (working title) is being designed from the ground up as an entirely new online-only entertainment experience for the Asian market.

Civilization series creator, Firaxis Games, and XLGames have been lending their respective expertise and vision to developing Civilization Online. Song is highly regarded for his integral role in creating the popular Korean MMORPG, Lineage, which has attracted 43 million players. For this project, he is leading a team of more than 100 people in Seoul. Firaxis Games is widely known for its long and distinguished history with Civilization, its leading strategy franchise, which has sold-in more than 11 million units worldwide, and includes the critically acclaimed and commercially successful releases of Sid Meier’s Civilization V and Civilization V: Gods and Kings. Earlier this month, Firaxis Games launched XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

2K Games announces Civilization Online for Asia

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“Making our intellectual property available to delight consumers wherever they are is an important component of our long-term growth strategy,” said Strauss Zelnick, Chairman and CEO of Take-Two. “Our online and mobile social projects in Asia are enabling Take-Two to further broaden its global footprint and captivate audiences across a myriad of screens, platforms and business models. If successful, these projects will enhance our core business with revenue and profit streams that are higher margin and more stable over time.”

“Over the last four years, we have been focused on creating an ambitious portfolio of online and social games with some of the most revered companies in Asia such as Tencent in China, Nexon Korea Corporation and XLGAMES in Korea, GREE and CyberAgent in Japan,” added Hubert Larenaudie, president of Take-Two Asia. “The consumer response for NBA 2K All Stars and NBA 2K Online has been very encouraging. With the upcoming releases of Pro Baseball 2K and Civilization Online, Take-Two is uniquely positioned to delight gamers throughout Asia.“

“2K is committed to supporting the growing Asian market by bringing our best IP and strongest franchises to the most popular online platforms in each territory,” concluded David Ismailer, chief operating officer of 2K, a wholly owned label of Take-Two. “Civilization Online is an example of how 2K can leverage its successful franchises, beyond sports, to create entirely new experiences in genres that resonate with customers in this region.”

Games in the Civilization series are traditionally turn-based strategy games where you lead a civilisation from its birth to either its demise, or its greatness. You play the game through the ages, ranging from the Stone Age to the Modern Age and then the Future Age, and research new technologies along the way to help your civilisation thrive. The games are famous for allowing you to win in any number of ways, including through military force, or by researching the right technologies to send a space craft to Alpha Centauri.

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