22-inch Android tablet from ViewSonic to be unveiled at Computex

When it comes to size, is bigger always better? That point may be up for argument as it is more about the functionality rather than the size. With the Apple

Is bigger always better? Apple would say yes... with its range of iPad tablets, they have shown that tablets with a larger form factor are in fact the way to go. Amazon would say no... their Kindle Fire tablet has attempted to prove that smaller packages can also pack a punch. But we clearly know what Viewsonic thinks. 10 inches is the standard size for most tablets and ViewSonic aims to break this barrier and has teased us with a monstrous 22-inch tablet which they are set to unveil at Computex this year.

22-inch Android tablet from ViewSonic to be unveiled at Computex

Something big is coming


As per a report by Engadget, “ViewSonic sent around a teaser for its "Touch and Connect" series prototypes, including a 22-inch "smart business tablet monitor," powered by what appears to be Ice Cream Sandwich.” This will be a first of its kind and though it is marketed as a tablet monitor, one can gather as more of the latter than the former.

A tablet is essentially a portable device and hence marketing as a tablet makes one wonder how can they manage to port this around. But as far as innovations go, it will be pretty exciting as it will be a very large monitor running on Google’s latest Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich. As of now, there are no more details available as to what the resolution of the display will be or what inputs it will possess. All we can do is eagerly wait for the brand to unveil the gadget at Computex.

ViewSonic is well known for their range of monitors so it may not come as a surprise for some that they have built a monitor running on the Android operating system. The website goes on to state, “The giant touch-enabled device will be joined by a Windows 8 multi-touch display, new cloud computing solutions, high-end laser projectors and some interactive electronic billboards -- all set to make their debut on June 5th at Computex.”

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