10th anniversary iPhone: Apple is testing more than 10 iPhone 8 prototypes

An OLED display for the iPhone 8 has been among the most consistent rumours about the upcoming Apple device.

An OLED display for the iPhone 8 has been among the most consistent rumours about the upcoming Apple device.  Now, a new report, this time from Wall Street Journal, points out that at least one model of the iPhone 8 coming in 2017 will feature an OLED display.

The company has asked the suppliers to 'increase OLED output' and also submit prototype screens that will feature resolution better than Samsung devices. Citing people familiar with the matter, the report adds that an iPhone with OLED screen could be among the several models the company plans to bring to the market.

However, it would also mean a higher price tag as OLED are more expensive to produce. It is believed to be among the more than 10 prototypes that the company is testing. Though, there are chances of an iPhone with a curved display hitting the market next year, we've also been hearing about supply chain hiccups leading to the possibility that the company may decide not to release an OLED model.

So, news has it that four main suppliers don’t have the production capacity to produce the screens for the upcoming iPhone. And, these constraints could go on till 2018. Samsung Display, LG Display, Sharp Display and Japan Display are the four biggest suppliers, out of which Samsung is said to be the sole supplier for next year. However, the company alone cannot meet the requirements. Moreover, Apple’s stringent quality requirements and the difficulty of producing OLEDs could lead to supply constraints.

This is an extremely tricky situation for Apple as it requires a hit device next year owing to the slowdown in sales, as well as to mark the iPhone's 10th anniversary. Also, keep up with the promised design overhaul next year.

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