10 weird products seen at this year's Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is a showcase of the latest in consumer technology and this year we saw a lot of launches of interesting products. CES is known to set trends which eventually pick up over the year. For instance, this year the focus was on Virtual reality headsets and the Internet of Things.

But amidst all the cool cutting edge product launches that we saw this year, there were some products which made you do a double take. And like every year, 2016 too saw its share of some strange tech products. Here are 10 of them in no particular order.

Smart Belts

 10 weird products seen at this years Consumer Electronics Show

2015 saw a lot of fitness trackers and if that isn’t enough, Samsung’s Creative Lab released the Welt and a French startup company Emiota also released BELTY, a smart belt which adjusts itself to users’ activities. Both the belts basically monitor your waist size and activity levels - and can even notify you if it is increasing!



We understand the need for GPS tracking devices for pets who have a habit of doing the disappearing act. But a fitness tracker for dogs? Which will tell how long your furry companion was playing, walking, running and resting via an app? And your pet labrador thought he was immune to this ‘fitness-tracking’ sham.

Samsung ‘Family Hub’ Refrigerator

Family HUb (1)

We have seen internet connected fridges in the past, but the Family Hub takes it to another level by having a 21.5-inch tablet attached to one of the fridge doors. Running on TizenOS, the Family Hub display lets you know if your veggies and fruits are fresh without opening the fridge doors, lets you browse the web for new recipes, order things from vendors and so on. It is speculated to cost over $5000.

Oliba toy tracker


French toy startup company Oliba has released a tech companion to your kids’ teddy bear or other toys. It is a smart device which when connected to your kid’s toy ensures that you can always track the toy. The device can playback stories (which you record) during the day with the press of a few buttons. 

INAIL Printer

iNAIL (1)

3D printers have been around for a while now and while most 3D printers print out complicated designs, machine proto-types, even food (refer CES 2015), this year we saw the INAIL Printer. Its main job is to print nail-art designs either directly on your nails or on nail tips which you can add on your fingers. The entire printer costs $2,800.

Digitsole Smartshoe


When you think smartshoe, you would be thinking of something that monitors just the running and walking stats right? Wrong. Digitsole Smartshoe does the tracking bit and it is also a temperature controlled shoe that aims to help you get rid of cold winter feet. It comes with a sole which tracks activities and sleep which can be bought separately and can connect via bluetooth to your smartphone.

CleverPet Hub for dogs


Dogs were the pet favourites at this year’s CES. CleverPet Hub for dogs is a game console -  targetted at dogs. It uses behavioural science to reward dogs with food snacks if they push a button. The food compartment opens when the dog pushes the right button after responding to voice commands or lights. It will set you back by $269.

SensorWake Alarm clock


When you think alarm clocks, you think loud ringing devices whose only aim for existence is to ruin your beauty sleep. Well SensorWake uses a different approach. Instead of ringing, the SensorWake alarm clock releases aromas and fragrances at your wakeup time. The clock sends out aromas of coffee, seaside, cut grass or hot crossaints at regular intervals.

Intel’s Adrenaline dress

intel dress

Seeing Intel in this category is a bit strange in itself, but the Adrenaline Dress which was on display at the Intel booth deserves to make this list. It is a 3D printed dress with wings on the back just like giant butterfly wings. If that wasn’t weird enough, the dress expands and contracts based on the wearer’s adrenaline, body temperature or stress. Based on the Intel Curie module, the dress aims at replicating the fight or flight syndrome of animals.




This is a robotic bartender which will mix your drinks for you based on online recipes, provided you have the right ingredients filled up in its multiple tubes. It is connected to a compatible smartphone app. It cannot do flare-bartending though. Sigh!

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