WeGame for PUBG Mobile app offers free in-game rewards once you link your account

WeGame for PUBG Mobile is a free buddy app developed by Tencent meant to function as a community forum.

PUBG Mobile does feature a ton of in-game rewards and incentives meant to encourage players to play the game more often.

However, for people who don't like to splurge real money on UC — the in-game currency used to buy crates, skins, and costumes, Tencent is trying to convince them to install an app called 'WeGame for PUBG Mobile' and gain rewards on linking their account to the app.

For those who are unsure, WeGame for PUBG Mobile, is a mobile community app of sorts made by Tencent which allows players to interact with other fellow PUBG Mobile gamers, sharing tips, tricks, posting latest achievements, chicken dinner screenshots, etc. The app was launched in April this year but hadn't really gained a lot of traction despite the free rewards.

WeGame for PUBG Mobile app offers free in-game rewards once you link your account

PUBG Mobile.

In an attempt to get more players on board, PUBG Mobile India tweeted out, promising a lot of in-game free items for those who link their accounts to the app. These include PUBG Crate Coupons, Outfit Box III, Godzilla's Carapace and more. The prizes are limited though, which means that you will have link your account as soon as possible if you wish to redeem the free gifts.

From what we've seen, the gifts do take a while to process so you will have to be more patient with this. The WeGame for PUBG Mobile app is available for download on the Play Store.

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