Tech2.Games S01E13: GTA does a PUBG, as overhauls, fan remakes, and audio technology take over

As the League of Legends pre-season is all set to kick off, developer Riot Games is planning several changes to the way the game’s progression and rewards systems function.

Some players were probably exploring Junkertown or playing Battle Mercy as the idea of a class-based, team-based shooter was turned on its head as Overwatch launched free-for-fall and team deathmatch modes earlier this week. However, nothing has quite traced the journey of an uber man to uber hero better than this truly amazing trailer for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. But there’s more.



League of Legends overhauls runes, levelling and rewards

As the League of Legends pre-season is all set to kick off, developer Riot Games is planning several changes to the way the game’s progression and rewards systems function. Specifically, the “IP” in-game currency is being merged with blue essence, runes are going free, and the level cap of 30 is being done away with entirely.

The goal is simple: reward veteran players for their time investment and make it easier for newer players to unlock champions. You can read more on the official blog.

Destiny 2 spoiler alert

While one could argue that “going in blind” can be an extremely rewarding experience in a game like Destiny, it appears that those who are even a little invested in the game will find it just as hard to avoid spoilers as the average Game of Thrones fan on the internet. You need to look no further than this thread on Reddit for a semi-comprehensive list of all new subclass abilities, exotic weapons and armour, mission items and more.

Lucky for us, we have this new Destiny 2 live action trailer set to The Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Official 3D Audio Dev Diary

While this video is largely a thinly veiled sales pitch for the Sony Platinum wireless headset, it does offer some insight into the sound design of one of this year’s best games, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Some interesting stuff is happening in this space for sure, with Overwatch incorporating Dolby Atmos in-game and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice unique binaural audio experience, to Horizon’s 3D Audio, it seems that there’s more innovation happening here than with picture.

Tomb Raider 2 recreated by fans in Unreal Engine 4

Tomb Raider super-fan Nicobass and his team are hard at work on The Dagger of Xian, an entirely fan-made remake of Tomb Raider 2 in Unreal Engine 4, and boy, does it look impressive—see for yourself.

Explore the game’s first cave by downloading the demo, particularly if you can’t wait for the full release and/or have played and replayed the last couple of releases from Square Enix several times.

Alex Hunter’s journey continues in FIFA 18

It seems that everyone’s favourite fictional footballer Alex Hunter is channeling his inner Santiago Muñez, with the creators of FIFA 18’s campaign mode drawing strange inspiration from a couple of moderately successful football-themed movies from the mid-2000s.

If nothing else, embrace the cheese and mandatory cameos from Cristiano Ronaldo and Thomas Müller.

GTA Online does a PUBG, launches “Motor Wars”, a battle royale mode

Yep, in 2017, the world’s largest publisher is competing for a share of the pie with an early access title. Steam phenomenon PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has prompted Rockstar Games to include a battle royale mode in its latest update, Smuggler’s Run.

“Motor Wars” sees up to four teams parachute into a periodically shrinking kill box, where second place is not an option (sound familiar?). Weaponised vehicles are an expected addition, of course, and while GTA Online is unlikely to usurp the throne from the unstoppable force that is PUBG (on PC, at least), it does have a dedicated group of players who will be thankful for this mode’s addition.

It might be time to jump back into Tom Clancy’s The Division

A new map extension (West Side Pier), a PvE mode (Resistance), and a PvP mdoe (Skirmish) are all coming to Tom Clancy’s The Division via its 1.8 update.

Resistance looks to play like your typical horde mode, with players looking to fight off waves of enemies, while Skirmish is a team based deathmatch experience. All good additions, so if you’ve put it on the back burner for a few months, it might be worth jumping back into if you can’t find something else to play.


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