Sony PlayStation Classic coming on 4 December for $99, paying homage to the first PS

The PlayStation Classic will be priced at $99.99 along with 20 pre-loaded gaming titles.

Nostalgia for gamers is going to hit hard this December as Sony has plans to re-release the original PlayStation, nearly 25 years after it had first introduced it. Sony has renamed the console as the PlayStation Classic and it will be a miniaturised version of the original console.

Sony PlayStation Classic coming on 4 December for , paying homage to the first PS

PlayStation 1

As per PlayStation's blog, the price of the device will be $99.99 and it will come pre-loaded with 20 'genre-defining' gaming titles. These include Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, and Ridge Racer Type 4. Sony’s press release has confirmed two other titles which are Jumping Flash and Wild Arms, while other titles are currently a mystery.

The PlayStation Classic will be unveiled on 3 December this year.

Apart from the console, in the box, you will be getting two classic PS 1 controllers and obviously cables that will connect it to your television or monitor.

Nintendo has also done something similar previously before by launching the NES and SNES Classic Consoles. Although getting your hands on either one of them has been a bit difficult, it might not be the same case for the PlayStation Classic since Sony has been generally better at providing hardware than Nintendo.

Sony PlayStation Classic.

Sony PlayStation Classic.

In any case, the PlayStation Classic is sure to take us down memory lane to the times when console gaming really started to materialise for the masses.