PUBG Mobile weapons guide: All you need to know about bolt-action sniper rifles

Sniper rifles, which offer you better accuracy and increased damage over long distances

If you are a PUBG: Mobile player then you would know the maddening rush of putting a bullet in someone's head from a long distance. Taking headshots is quick, effective and can turn a game on its head. Consequently, the farther away an enemy player, the harder it is to aim for the head. SMGs and ARs can only shoot accurately up to a certain distance.

PUBG Mobile weapons guide: All you need to know about bolt-action sniper rifles

PUBG Mobile Sniper.

Enter Sniper rifles, guns that are tailor-made for long-distance hunting. They're slow, very accurate, and take some skill to master, but when it comes to long range engagements, you couldn't ask for a better companion.

Additionally, sniper rifles make for a great secondary weapon as they require fewer bullets in your bag and increase your versatility for inflicting damage over a distance.

PUBG has a few of these snipers which have varied usability, damage and firing rates. There are two main types of sniper rifles in the game: bolt-action and DMR.

By far the main objective of a bolt-action is to knock out or kill enemy players in a single shot. But there are variables to consider such as the level of armour the enemy is wearing, power of the gun, and how far the enemy is. A DMR (designated marksman rifle) is a cross between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. You can fire shots in quick succession and at significant range, but they're less powerful than bolt-action rifles and cannot knock a player out in a single shot.

Today, we're focusing on bolt-action rifles. Keep an eye out for the follow-up piece on DMRs.

Bolt-action sniper rifles

These are sniper rifles which shoot only one round per trigger pull. They're called bolt-action rifles because you manually move a bolt to chamber the next round. It's a relatively slow process, but the mechanism also tends to make such weapons more accurate.

It is safe to say that you would not want such a gun in close combat situations. However, what the weapon trades in firing rate, it more than makes up for in damage. There are three bolt-action sniper rifles in the game which are: Kar98, M24, and AWM. These guns have the highest damage output across in PUBG.

These guns are not what you use when you want to go in with that "all guns blazing" approach. Instead, bolt-action rifles are stealth options used to catch your enemy unawares. Unless you have lightning quick reflexes, wherein you can instantly target an enemy while peeking, I would suggest that you avoid using these weapons for ranges less than 50 m.

AWM: Arctic Warfare Magnum



This is the most powerful weapon in the game (I'm not including explosives and shotguns here) and it can only be obtained via airdrops. A straight up headshot from the AWM will knock you out or kill you if you're the last member of your squad. This is true even when you are wearing a level 3 Spetsnaz helmet – the best you can get. However, the reload time on the weapon is also the highest in this category. Bullets must also be used judiciously as the gun uses .300 rounds, which can, again, only be found in air drops.

In terms of attachments, all Compensator, Silencer, Flash hider, extended mags attachments present for DMRs and SRs will be mountable. Additionally, you can also attach a cheek pad to reduce vertical recoil while shooting. Two body shots at most should be enough to knock out a player who is wearing even a level three armour, but it will depend on which body part you are hitting. What I've noticed is that shots to the legs and hands deal less damage than those on the torsos of enemies.

AWM is the only gun that can kill an enemy with a single headshot at 500 meters, so it is your best bet for long-range combat. There is next to no bullet drop but damage drops significantly at 600 meters or so. Suffice it to say it is advisable to let your target get within the weapon's lethal range before taking a shot.




This is not as rare a gun as the AWM, but there are only a few M24s scattered around the map. In terms of raw damage, the M24 is only second to the AWM and can take out people at a range of 120 m in a single shot even if you are wearing a level 2 helmet. Body shots from the gun are not lethal, but you will lose most of your level 2 armour, and while a level one armour is completely obliterated. About two body shots should be effective for downing an enemy, but it still depends again on how far they are and how much armour they are wearing.

Like the AWM, the M24 packs its rounds in a magazine, which makes it faster to reload. The M24 uses 7.62 mm rounds which are abundantly available in the game. The M24 has good manoeuvrability and has generally less recoil than the AWM. Attachments compatible with the AWM are compatible with the M24. While the M24 will deal a lot of damage, it is only a viable option till about 120 meters, after which the lack of power will not deal enough damage to knock out the enemy player, unless they are wearing a heavily damaged helmet.




The most common bolt-action rifle you will receive in the game is the Karabiner 98 Kurz or Kar98 for short. Amongst the three bolt-actions in the game, Kar98 is the most widely available gun on the map. The gun will deal its maximum damage to players less than 100 meters away. You can knock out players having a level 2 helmet with headshots at this distance, but the damage will fizzle out beyond the 100-meter range.

It will also typically take a player about three body shots to knock someone out. However, by the time you try those three shots, chances are that the enemy has crawled back into safety and you have given away your position. The Kar98 is also the lightest of the lot, so expect less vertical spread and more accuracy till about 100 meters. Bullet drop is an issue beyond that range, so make sure you're compensating for it.

In terms of attachments, the Kar98 will let you equip a suppressor, all kinds of scopes and a cheek pad. The Kar98 also uses the abundantly available 7.62 mm rounds, but instead of a magazine, you manually reload each round. It's best to keep its clip topped up at all times. Bullet loops can be attached to the gun for faster reloads.

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