PUBG Mobile Season 8 beta out now: Here's all that is new with the update

PUBG Mobile will get a new 'Power of the Ocean' theme which should be loosely based around sea life.

The next season for PUBG Mobile, which is the 8th season of the game, is just around the corner. As a matter of fact, the last day for Season 7 happens to be 13 July, so we can expect Season 8 to start rolling around that time. In addition to the continuation of the Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus for players, we are also going to get new weapon skins, new theme, rewards and more.  the beta version for Season 8 is out now and here's what's new in the game.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 beta out now: Heres all that is new with the update

Image: YouTube/ MrGhostGaming

In terms of a new UI, the game is about to get a new 'Power of the Ocean' theme which should be loosely based around sea life although we still have to see the final implementation. We should see various sea creature inspired items in the game.

The game is also introducing a new weapon by the name of PP-19 Bizon. The speciality of this gun is that it can hold up to 53 rounds just like the Thompson and it uses 9mm bullets like the Uzi and UMP9. The gun was teased in the Vikendi map and it could be possible that it is exclusive only to that map. In terms of attachments, the gun cannot get a grip or extended mags but it can be equipped with a scope.

Speaking of new skins in the game, players will have the option to equip the DP-28 with skin which was not possible before. SLR and Scar-L are also getting new ocean-themed skins along with a new backpack. Apart from that, there are new outfits which are also ocean-themed for the player available in the store. The beta version of the game is about 1.9 GB in size and will only appear for those that have already download the PUBG: Mobile Beta.

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